Jonathans Wish: Silent Heaven

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S1, Ep Error: please try again. Between assignments, Jonathan and Mark drive to a small town to visit an old buddy of Mark's. They find the friend has disappeared and their search for clues encountering a conspiracy of silence. Jonathan jeopardizes his assignment by falling in love with the very woman whose engagement to another man he's supposed to be overseeing.

God sends Mark and Jonathan back to the s in order to give Mark a second chance to tell his grandfather how much he loved him. A promising basketball player whose coach has been making sure his grades are OK so he can play, learns he has a condition that means he can't play basket ball anymore. His coach then casts him aside. He loses his scholarship and doesn't know what he's going to do because he's illiterate. Jonathan then gets him to join a special class so that he could learn to read.

He gets him a job coaching kids. He's also worried about a drug dealer that's plaguing the neighborhood and has his sights set on some the kids he is coaching and wants to stop him. Jonathan tries to help A woman returns to her home to reconnect with her parents but it seems her father doesn't want to see her. Because she has a child out of wedlock. She then asks them to take her child because she's not well. Jonathan's friend Scotty, a quadriplegic, wonders if his relationship with a woman can succeed, and while Jonathan is delighted to help Mark isn't so keen about it A big-hearted bum and a cold-hearted tycoon switch bodies and walk a mile in the other man's shoes.

Jonathan and Mark chasten a child actress whose fame is making her into a monster, fracturing her family and robbing her of her childhood. A heartless corporation plans to buy up and tear down an old neighborhood. Jonathan and Mark rally its aging residents to fight the buyout and at the same time they bring together in a common cause a lonely widow and widower.

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Jonathan and Mark help a family struggling to do the right thing with an aging parent in their home. The daughter in-law demands he be put in a retirement home or she'll leave. Then, he met with, now changed back to being Shadowhunter, Brother Zachariah. Jace and Brother Zachariah talk about their parabatai and that Zachariah now have all the feelings he felt during these years to deal with.

Clary and Simon visit the house of the vampire representative, Raphael, to ask for some blood for Simon. They have a bit of an argue and Simon realizes that Raphael is simply jealous, because of all Simon had that he didn't. Raphael, in turn, shuts the door in from of them, and later, it is discovered that the blood he gave to Simon was spiked.

Simon appears to be drunk and tries to tell about his feelings to Isabelle. He starts shouting in front outside the Inquisitor's house and wakes up almost everybody on the street, including Isabelle and her father. Afterwards, Clary takes Simon into Amatis's house and lets him sleep on the couch. As she goes up the stairs to her bedroom, she finds Sebastian sitting in her bed waiting for her. Sebastian tells Clary that he will give her mercy if she will pledge her loyalty.

At the representative's dinner, Magnus, Luke, Jocelyn and Raphael enjoy themselves.

They do until they realize that Fair Folk is on the Sebastian's side. Meliorn gives them a choice to join, which they all decline. Meliorn offers them a wine which is spiked and they fell unconscious. Clary refuses Sebastian's offer and, in turn, he pins her against the wall. Before he does anything to her, Jace appears and challenges him. Sebastian leaves and Jace runs to Clary, who is holding onto the Heosphoros. The stay together until the Clave barges into the room. Maia, still hurting from her loss, goes out to tell off Rufus for going against Luke and is followed by Bat.

Their argument with Rufus, leads to him challenging Bat for the leadership, which Bat accepts, setting the date for tomorrow night in Prospect Park, and leaves. Maia shocked at his decision, as he could have refused because Rufus is not from their pack, follows him outside. She asks him to leave the town with her and he refuses, hinting that he still has feelings for her and she should save herself.

He tells her to take the truck and get out of town, and that he will take care of the pack and Rufus. At the Gard, Clary and Jace are recovering from the encounter with Sebastian. They start talking about Sebastian and Clary tells him about the time That Sebastian nearly raped her.

Jace is totally shocked, but starts blaming himself for not being there and not being able to do anything even now, with heavenly fire within him. Clary calms him and they hug and softly kiss. They slowly drift to a sleep in each others arms. They are woken up by Jia, who nearly forgets that they are there.

She tells them that the Council meeting has begun and they followed her. There they find out that the Downworld representatives are kidnapped and Sebastian has left a message for them in a Council room. Clary, Jace and Simon reunite with Isabelle and Alec. Everybody start talking about the meaning of the message and where are the representatives, along with Jocelyn. Out of nowhere appears an Endarkened and seizes Jia threatening to slit her throat. He delivers a message from Sebastian saying that he will give them peace in return for Clary and Jace.

Jace volunteers to be taken and it starts a commotion, during which Alec shoots an arrow and lets the blade, held against the Jia's throat, to break free. Jace dashes off to finish him but is stopped by Alec, right when the dais goes up in flames and the man disappears shouting that they have only two days to decide.

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Back in New York, Maia comes back to the Simon's and Jordan's apartment to change clothes and pick up some weapons. There she meets Lily from the New York vampire clan, who she called for. Maia proposes her to ally with the werewolves and go against crazy Maureen. Lily brushes her off, saying to call her when she becomes a pack leader and walks away leaving Maia in thoughts.

In one of the meeting rooms at the Gard, Alec draws an iratze on Jace's arm. Jace is impressed by Alec's clean shot and Alec fells irritated at Jace's reckless actions. Alec tells him that he does not need to go, but Jace says that it might be the only way to save Magnus. Alec replies concerned if he wants to barter Clary's life too, to which Jace replies negatively. Alec just tells him that they can't let Sebastian drive wedges between all of them. Jia discusses the matter of exchange with others in Clave, particularly Maryse and Robert Lightwood, and allows Isabelle, Simon and Clary to stay.

Maryse claims that they would be killed the moment they will be exchanged, which Jia contradicts by saying that he said he won't hurt them. Isabelle snaps that Sebastian is a liar, when Jace and Alec come in the room.

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Simon backs up Isabelle, saying that Downworlders will start a war if they won't save the representative, however they shouldn't give Sebastian Jace and Clary, which leaves them at the dead-end. Isabelle suggests to go into hiding, to which Clary exclaims that there is nowhere they can hide from him. Brother Enoch and Zachariah come into the room, and the view of now-human Zachariah amazes the group. Especially Isabelle, who asks when did he get hot. The Brothers tell Jia that they cant' revert Sebastian spell which leaves Jia in despair.

She sends Clary and Jace to rests and wait for them to be summoned, while the Clave will further discuss the matter. Clary finds herself on stonewalk facing a manor set in the slope of a hill as its background.

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A voice in her mind tells her that it is the Fairchild manor, which has stood for four hundred years and will stand four hundred more. While standing there, she hears her mother calling for her from the balcony of the building, wearing an elegant champagne-colored dress with runes visible on her arms, and inquires whether it looks gorgeous. Looking back at the balcony, Clary sees that her mother is joined by Luke who is apparently still a Shadowhunter. They asked her whether she was ready, and disappears back to the house.


Though she replies, they do not seem to hear her. When Clary takes a few steps along the path, Sebastian dressed in formal black approaches her with visible dirt on his cheek, and apparently has green eyes. The voice in her mind says that he has always had green eyes and people often marvel at how much they looked alike to their mother. The voice also assures that his name is Jonathan, her brother who has always protected her. When he was about talk to her, a small girl with red hair wearing a green lace dress reaches Jonathan.

She held up her arms and he bent down to swing her up into the air and then held her over his head.

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The girl immediately starts pulling his hair; Jonathan calling her Val threatens that he will hold her upside down. The voice in Clarys mind says that she was named after Valentine , a great hero of the war and when Luke married her mother, they honored his memory in the name of their daughter. She soon learns that the dirt on Jonathans face was actually chocolate from the wedding cake, which her little sister had eaten half of the roses from, and he was trying to cover it up. He also points out that she might want to wear some shoes before the wedding.

Much to her surprise, she finds that the wedding is between her and Jace, which Jonathan remarks as being inevitable. But before she could ask anything more, Jonathan concerned asks whether she has cold feet, in which case he is ready to take her to France even if it means that he won't get to see Isabelle in a strapless dress. Clary is astonished by this comment and esquires if he likes Isabelle, but he doges the question, and asks Clary if Isabelle will go out with him if he asks. She is shocked by this and asks about Simon, whom Jonathan does not seem to know. Clary then feels the ground give away and reaches out as if to catch at her brother but her hand went through him.

The illusion broke and Clary finds herself lying on the bleak ground of Edom. Simon was watching a beautiful view of Manhattan. His life has been busy with promotion, touring, signings, and appearances, that it is sometimes hard to remember that his main job was making music. There was a vase of hydrangeas on the kitchen island, a gift from his mother, congratulating him on playing a gig with Stepping Razor the week before, with a note: It was odd, since his mother knew that his favorite flowers were roses, and not hydrangeas. Turning away from the window, he looked more closely and realized it was indeed white roses.

He hears the rattle of keys and sees Clary enters his apartment who complains about the rush in the lobby. She comes to give brief kiss to Simon, who teases Clary to wear heels because of her height. After making some small talk about Simon's band members, she kisses him again, more heated this time, murmuring that she had always loved him. When he replies he says "I love you, Isabelle" instead of Clary. Simon feels felt her stiffen in his arms and then the world around him seemed to sprout black lines like shattered glass. A few minutes passed and just when he was about to give up, Jonathan started to breathe again.

Magnus had done it. He had brought Jonathan back. He's alive, but it will take some time for him to recover. I don't know when he will wake up. However now that our only way out is closed we have to find another way out. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in Edom as it is in hell. Forgive not my sins, for in that fire of fires there shall be neither loving kindness, nor compassion, nor redemption.

My father, who makes war in high places and low, come to me now; I call you as your son, and incur upon myself the responsibility of your summoning. Asmodeus flicked his fingers and there was a shimmer of air as Luke, Jocelyn and an unconscious Jonathan , and the three of them were gone.

I sent them back, but to send the rest of you back; well it will cost you. But you must swear on the Morning Star to send all my friends back to Idris, all of them, and never to bother them again. They will owe you nothing. Why are you talking like you're not coming back to Idris with us?

Now is Magnus's time. It's the only way to save you all. I love you so much. Simon, who had been silent till that moment; Simon, who Clary had almost forgotten was there stepped forward. Take mine; take my immortality. I won't die, I can live my life. Just do what you have to do and send my friends back. What am I supposed to do without my best friend?

It's the only way. I am willing to sacrifice, my immortality and my memories to save you guys. It must be done. He won't remember any of us. Magnus saw that Jace and Alec were struggling to keep Clary calm.

The gateway had closed already, but Clary still hadn't calmed down. I have to get Simon back. Magnus just sighed and he soon used his powers to knock Clary out. Clary soon stopped struggling and just fell unconscious in Jace and Alec's arms. He will no longer remember us. Asmodeus was going to take my immortality away and I would die there, but Simon took my place and now he is off living a mundane life.

At first the Clave didn't want to believe that he was alive and no longer evil, but we managed to convince them and right now he is in the infirmary, resting. With that Jace carried Clary to the house and after he laid her down in the bed that she once slept in, he left the house after saying night to Luke and Jocelyn and went back to the Penhallow's household with Alec who had followed him.