When Angels Cry

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My firstborn is mine by marriage, but he is my son; and as you can tell, I call him my son and I love him just as much as a father can. Nowadays so many people are trying to have the perfect baby by messing with DNA codes, but it is the imperfections that give each one of us our character. While in pursuit of the perfect child, we as sinful man will make that "perfect" child look good on the outside, but what of his inside? Hi spirit? Remember, there is none perfect, no, not one.

No one should ever molest a child! It is one of the most debased things a person could do.

Take 6 - When Angels Cry (Lyric Video)

I mean that-no one! For God has said that for him who stuffs one of these little ones, it would be better that a millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the deepest part of the ocean than to stand before God's wrath. I know the angels see us.

When Angels Cry

How can we take God and this earth for granted? God is not in a magic lamp, and you rub it and he gives you three wishes.

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He is GOD. He does not need us-we need him. Or would you say, "I am not ready. Can I get one more day?

When Angels Cry

Because there is no place to hide, nowhere you can go, no amount of money that can save you. On that day there will be so much anguish and grinding of teeth; but those who have been faithful and have accepted Jesus the Christ as lord and savior come home. My Lord wishes that none should perish, but all should be saved.

Wait Your tired arms must rest Let this moment pass Wait until the morning Close your eyes and you will see who you used to be left without a warning Who knew one so big could grow so small? Lighter than the writing on the wall. When angels cry, can I stand by?

When stones weep, can my heart sleep?

Wish I'd never heard, wish I'd never heard Wish I'd never heard the power of a four letter word. Here, we live with bottles and needles and truth Here is your living proof that death cannot be proud Some say it's a judgment on us all I can't believe that God would be that small.

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