All Roads Lead to Austen: A Year-long Journey with Jane

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Post a Comment. Monday, 5 December Book Festival. The yearly Book Festival took place here in Belgium from December. I took the car and went over to Mechelen, a town, just outside of Brussels, on the way to Antwerp, where this festival normally takes place. As usual there were a lot of books, mainly in Dutch, but also some in French and English. Contest is now closed!

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Which country surprised you most in terms of her popularity there and why? I found translations of Austen left and right in bookstores in Argentina. What aspects of that particular culture do you think Jane would have enjoyed the most? Bookstores, bookstores, bookstores. I had great experiences in bookstores all over Latin America, but Argentina — and Buenos Aires specifically — really is the bookstore capital of South America.

And electronic readers have made it easier than ever — just order whatever book you want, wherever you are on the planet! But imagine what it must have been like for an imaginative, inquisitive reader like Austen — how often did she ever set foot in a bookstore? How often could she afford to pay for books from a circulating library? How many books did her family or friends or neighbors actually own?

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I think Austen would have fainted from sheer pleasure at the sight of bookstore after bookstore on Avenida Corrientes in Buenos Aires. Jane Austen fans cross all religious boundaries.

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Her leading ladies find love, not in spite of being strong and intelligent, but because of it. I was living well away from the tourist area, renting a partially-finished house that had glass in only one or two windows, so it was pretty noisy — street vendors would cruise by with loudspeakers, selling ice cream, vegetables, you name it. The people across the street had a huge bird caged outside their house that shrieked and chattered like a demon. And animals would wander in at will — there was one very persistent cat that kept making me jump out of my skin by appearing under my writing table with no warning.

There were animals all over the place in that neighborhood — no leash laws for dogs, and some of the neighbors had roosters and other farm animals. I always carried them in a plastic bag, and there was this goat a few houses down from me that was only tied up about half of the time. When it was loose, it usually ignored me, but when I had that plastic bag with laundry, it would come bolting after me — maybe its food came in a plastic bag, and it thought I had something good to eat?

Or maybe it knew I had laundry and really wanted to eat my socks.

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Who knows. A friendly neighborhood rooster from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Thank you, Amy, for your wonderful insights and good luck with your book. I just love the cover! Is there anything else you would like my readers to know about All Roads Lead to Austen? Austen in China?

All Roads Lead to Austen

Bora Bora? Consider that an official invitation! Please leave all other comments on Jane Austen Today. It sounds like a fun read. Thank you. Liz S. Sounds exciting! Smith, yes, there are quite a lot of people interested. Absolute Gentleman. Open Book Journeys Life. Story Life Insights from the creative journey to becoming an author.

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Chris A Brandon Jr Ph. Storytime with John Pull up and listen I've got a funny one for ya It's Always Something. I didn't have my glasses on A trip through life with fingers crossed and eternal optimism.

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