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The number of fans queuing the station has not dwindled although it has been more than 11 years since the final book of the series was published. The busy industrial district became an under-used site as developers fought over a new and exciting way to redevelop this buzzing industrial hub.

As a result, buildings became derelict and paved way for a vibrant nightlife to establish itself in the abandoned warehouses and other buildings. When the Criminal Justice Act was enacted and affected outdoor gatherings, the rave was forced to shift indoors. But in the night club finally closed and gave way for new developments and a new era began to take shape. The Coal Drops Yard is now home to fine dining restaurants including Barrafina and a Mexican franchise named El Pastor which are favorites of the Bermondsey locals.

It is also home to high-end shopping destinations such as Cos, Rains and posh soap specialist Aesop.

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The area has certainly come a long way from its nightlife raves. Today the site houses posh flats. In , the market was replaced by a massive housing estate named The Market Estate. The estate survived in neglect and ruin for many years until it was restored in as Parkside Place.

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Later on, a renovation saw the rise of luxury apartments titled Parkside Caledonian. Today the Granary building is well-known because of the Central Saint Martins art college; but back then the building was in the smack middle of a goods distribution site, the Goods Yard Complex.

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Completed in , the Granary building was used to store tons of Lincolnshire wheat, which was transferred from rail carts to be distributed to London bakers. Today the Granary building is home to the world-renowned arts college — Central Saint Martine. The building looks exactly the same from the outside but changes have been made to accommodate fine dining restaurants like Caravan and Dishoom, trendy office spaces and a public square with fountains.

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The site also hosts vibrant pop-up food markets such as Kerb and has come a long way since it was last known to store and transport grain and wheat to London Bakers. The building of this gymnasium was a starting milestone to the development of British athletics.

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  • The Graveyard Gymnasium.
  • In , the indoor events of the first Olympic games were held in this building by the National Olympian Association. Do not tell me your younger brother would not break down in the middle of class because you guys started talking about your favorite type of subject in school.


    Do not tell me your mother would not stare into the mirror with trembling lips wishing she could be bringing you home from the hospital rather than having to escort you away in a casket to the nearest graveyard. Do not tell me your friends would not stare blankly at the gymnasium wall after the principal has announced your death to the entire school making no sound trying to convince themselves this is just another one of your impractical jokes.

    When they think they see the ghost, they say, "Ghost In The Graveyard" and flee via walking to their safety zone, without being tagged. If students are tagged they go to the 'safety zone' count again, and return to the game. Another Ghost is then selected and the activity continues as long as the teacher desires.

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    • Variations: Instead of children saying "Ghost In The Graveyard" you may give them something to hold like a yarn ball and the signal that they have spotted the Ghost is they raise the yarn ball in the air. Assessment Ideas: Teacher observes that students are moving in empty spaces, are not bumping into others, using previous doging skills.

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      Teaching Suggestions: Make sure students walk for this activity as safety needs to be priority number one. Be careful in how you set the gym up with your obstacles as you don't want children to trip and fall. Teacher may ask, "Oh great ghost in the graveyard please make a noise to let us know you are out there". Include any variations, suggested teaching tips, positive comments, etc.

      Please be helpful and positive with all comments.