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It's a good premise, but they really try hard to make you hate it with their cutting, negative, and insulting banter with each other. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. Start your free trial. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide.

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Rate This. Episode Guide. One part design transformation series, and one part fast-paced real estate drama, All For Nothing? Added to Watchlist Add to Watchlist. Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. In Black Hawk Down , a couple of Delta Force snipers go to rescue one of the pilots of one of the downed helicopters, Durant, and after placing him in a nearby building, they go back to defend the chopper, drawing the militia fighters away from Durant by using themselves as bait.

Unfortunately, after the two are killed off, Durant ends up being captured by the Somali militia anyway. The Life of David Gale : The governor had promised if evidence if an innocent person executed ever surfaced he'd call a moratorium on capital punishment. Gale's death is set up as exactly this. However, the governor refuses to call the moratorium, saying the state can't be blamed for a plot by someone else. However, it all backfires. Black Widow even lampshades this later in the movie. Avengers: Infinity War : All the heroes' attempts to stop Thanos from completing the Infinity Gauntlet fail miserably , with half the heroes disintegrating by the end and a few others dead.

Throughout the movie, the Secret Avengers plus Rhodey try to find a way to destroy the Mind Stone without killing Vision. Wakanda is attacked before Shuri can finish detatching Vision's consciousness from the Stone, forcing Wanda to take him and flee into the forest. In the end, Wanda destroys Vision completely to keep Thanos from getting the Mind Stone, only for Thanos to bring him back with the Time Stone and brutally rip the Mind Stone out of him.

Infinity War also rendered the whole plot of Guardians of the Galaxy story moot, where they tried to protect the Power Stone, given just a brief mention as "Thanos attacked Xandar" last week. Ant-Man and the Wasp : A particularly cruel example happens during the credits via Thanos's snap, killing those Ant-Man spent the entire film helping, and leaving him trapped exactly the same as Janet was with no way out. The World of Kanako : In the end, after being beaten, shot, betrayed and kidnapped by the Yakuza and after dealing out a lot of punishment too , Akikazu still cannot find Kanako.

As far as we know, she's dead and buried in the snow but he refuses to accept this and keeps searching for her. The next day, General Ludendorff uses it as ground zero to demonstrate his new gas weapon, killing every civilian Diana and her team saved. Shazam ; after Billy spent over a decade searching for his mother, when they finally reunite he learns that after being lost at the fair and then found by the police his mother decided to leave him with them because she was too overwhelmed with her own issues regarding her parents kicking her out of the house and her husband walking out of the marriage.

Ultimately, she felt Billy would receive better care from the police than she could provide. Billy tearfully walks away to return to his foster home. X-Men Film Series : All the struggling that the Professor Xavier and his X-Men went through to protect mutantkind in the previous movies—especially in X-Men: Days of Future Past —come across as a moot point in Logan , given the fact that most mutants died out anyway, along with several of the X-Men themselves, not due to some big final battle, but thanks to one of Xavier's telepathic seizures and the birth of future mutants has been stopped thanks to crops being genetically modified to suppress the mutant gene.

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Pretty much the whole saga, including any future installments, is ultimately for nothing and comes to a horrible end. Police Academy had a subplot which ended this way. The night before the driving test, Hightower comes to Mahoney and tells him that he hasn't driven a car in a long time and Harris told him he'd flunk out if he didn't pass.

So, Mahoney takes him out for a driving lesson in Blanks' car and badly damages it in the process. Hightower ends up passing the test, but Hooks goes after him. At the end of her test, she runs over Blanks' foot. He calls her a racial slur as a result, inciting Hightower to go after him. After Hightower flips over the test car with Blanks in it, Harris expels him. Furthermore, Blanks sees the damage to his car and gets into a fight with Mahoney and Barbara.

Mahoney ends up getting expelled as well after he takes the blame for the fight. Their expulsions get revoked - and they get commendations on top of it - when they show up to help contain the riot that breaks out in the climax and save Harris' life in the process. Army Rangers launch a costly assault on Pointe du Hoc to take out several artillery batteries that could have threatened the main landings. However, after finally making it up the cliff and securing the bunkers, the Rangers find out the guns were never even installed and the entire assault was a waste of time.

This is subverted if you know that, in real life, the Rangers later succeeded in locating and destroying the guns. He confront Yorga on the roof of the manor and, with Cynthia's help, manages to kill him. Looks to be all well Atomic Blonde : As the film proceeds, the characters come to the realization that the entire Cold War was more or less all for nothing, and that their place in the world is rapidly disappearing.

Driven home by how Lorraine's mission ends: she gets at least two total innocents and a whole mess of bad guys killed in the name of helping the U. Deep Blue Sea : Susan made illegal modifications to the sharks, inadvertently making her responsible for all the subsequent deaths when the super-intelligent sharks break out, but she did it to find a cure for degenerative diseases and even uses this as a defense of her actions when given a What the Hell, Hero? However, the cure is later destroyed when she is forced to electrocute one of the sharks as it attacks her along with the substance they extracted from their brains, making those sacrifices ultimately pointless.

Amazingly, the same applies to the sharks. The entire film they've been working on a plan to herd around the humans and flood the facility so they can escape. After two of the sharks are already dead, the last one actually manages to break through the fence , only to be blown up five seconds later by a stick of gunpowder fired into her back.

Robin and Marian : Richard has the Chalus castle burned down to seize a golden statue its lord allegedly has, while killing women and children doing so. Afterward it turns out that the statue was ordinary stone. Part of what motivates Billy Batson in Shazam! After skipping school and getting into an argument with Freddy, another boy living in the same group home, and then getting beaten up as Shazam by Dr. Sivana , one of the other children breaks into government databases and gives Billy his mother's address.

When Billy goes to her apartment, he's overjoyed and wants to give her a hug, but she refuses, explaining that her parents kicked her out when she got pregnant at 17, her husband, likely a kid like she was, left her soon after. When she lost him at the fair, she noticed he was being well tended by the cops that found him, and determined that since she couldn't take care of him, that he would be better off in the foster system. Billy gives her back the compass she won for him at the fair, and walks away alone. In The Hunger Games this is what Katniss feels like after Prim, the sister she went through all of the hell of the Hunger Games for, dies in the final portion of Mockingjay.

The drama is removed from this on all rereadings, when you know that Harry was aided, manipulated and guided through all 3 challenges by the villain, and the villain's entire plan hinged on Harry winning the Tournament. The Distant Epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows shows that Harry Earned His Happy Ending —the world is at peace, he no longer has soul pains , and he has a warm relationship with his son Albus; when Albus worries about his Sorting, Harry assures him that he won't be placed in Slytherin if he doesn't want to be.

Then Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out, and we find out a new evil is rising, Harry's scar hurts again, his relationship with Albus is and has apparently always been strained, and Albus was put in Slytherin and is miserable there. A disappointing example occurs in the Sword of Truth series, in which the dramatic climax of the relatively good first book turns out to have been all for naught. Umpteen books later, in the final book of the series, we discover that Darken Rahl would have died no matter what box he opened.

So much for The Power of Love. Essentially the entire plot of The First Law turns out to have been this, in the sense that nothing truly changed and the protagonists were only tools.

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  7. Certainly all of Logen's and Jezal's quest in the second book qualifies, as does, to an extent, Glokta's defense of Ah, hell, like I said, the entire plot. Stephen Donaldson does this all but nonstop in his Thomas Covenant books , thanks to the absolute cunning of Lord Foul the Despiser , to the point that one character outright advises the protagonist: "It boots nothing to avoid his snares, for they are always set about with other snares".

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    It's a very, very standard part of his fiction. Kevin Landwaster, a lofty and wise ancient lord, who, after brutally battling Lord Foul for years, fell into despair, eventually resorting to The Ritual of Desecration , that snuffed out almost all life there for centuries. The hope was that the land could regrow while Lord Foul would surely die.

    He didn't. Kevin using the ritual was Lord Foul's idea in the first place. The Unhomed Giants, subject to a lengthy rescue campaign by the Lords - who were wiped out in a genocide brought about by the very omen they thought would save them, all unwilling to run or raise even a single hand in self-defense.

    Broken Record

    They were told that their troubles - dwindling numbers, declining birthrates, slow death - would all be over when their race gave birth to triplets. They did. All three of them were soon possessed by staggeringly evil spirits. Whatshername - we never hear her name - who tried to warn the Lords about a nasty Ur-Vile ambush, and who was bewitched to be unable to speak at all, so that her very attempts to warn the Lords would delay them long enough for the ambush to be sprung in the first place. The story of Sunder and Hollian, who accompany the heroes throughout the journey, and both die and are resurrected in extremely unlikely circumstances and their son Anele, who is entrusted with the Staff of Law - and who outright loses it.

    Convenant's daughter Elena, who locates all the MacGuffins needed to get to the Earthblood, which grants one wish to the drinker, granted unconditionally so long as it's within natural power , and then completely screws it up when she does drink it, sending the spirit of the aforementioned already despair-broken High Lord Kevin after Lord Foul.

    He is swiftly overpowered and enslaved and turned on her, and just as swiftly kills her. The summoning also breaks the natural Law of Death, allowing Lord Foul to raise the dead from this point forward. Drool Rockworm , who tried to win freedom for the Cavewights from Lord Foul, and who was just being led along by Lord Foul to recover the Illearth Stone.

    The now-non-canon Star Wars Legends expanded universe reveals that Emperor Palpatine came back to life after the events of the Original Trilogy. This is a notable source of Fanon Discontinuity for many, despite the fact that Lucas actually liked it more than most of the EU book series. Both the book and the film version of The Neverending Story play with this: Atreyu has risked his life and lost people important to him on a quest to find out the cause of the Empress's illness and what had to be done to cure her, only to have her reveal that she'd known both of these things all along.

    Atreyu is understandably furious about this , until the Empress explains that his quest was important and did have a purpose, even if it wasn't the one stated up front. This involves using Francis' lookalike opera singer cousin to pose as him long enough for the abduction to take place. After various crazy twists, the kidnapping is pulled off and Hawkins sends the ransom demand. To his shock, the Vatican replies that the Pope is perfectly safe and see no reason to pay.

    Hawkins realizes the cardinals like the imposter far more than the real Francis. Not only that but Francis himself enjoys taking an extended vacation from the pressures of the job while using a radio to "coach" his cousin how to play the part so Hawkins' entire scheme doesn't net him a dime. The Running Man : Richards joins the Running Man contest, being pursued by groups of 'Hunters' and receiving money for every hour he stays alive, in order to provide for his wife and his sick daughter.

    He makes it further than any previous contestant in the history of the show, eluding the Hunters for almost two weeks and managing to escape on a plane after he publicly threatens to blow up the airfield which is a bluff. Killian then offers him a job, but reveals that Richards' family had been killed in a home invasion only two days after the start of the contest. With nothing left to live for, he hijacks the plane and flies it right into the Games Tower. In the prologue of the first The Machineries of Empire book, Kel Cheris' unit takes tremendous losses and she herself is forced to commit heresy to secure the enemy infrastructure intact - only for her superiors to pull her and her people out and bomb the entire area into oblivion.

    They decide to hide it but then friend Jason starts acting up majorly to attack and the girls end up killing him. When it looks like Jason is coming back from the grave, Sydney starts to snap and finally has a total breakdown to land in the mental hospital. At which point, it turns out that Jason is alive and he and Emma did all this to get rid of Sydney so they could get the money for themselves.

    How to Overcome 'All or Nothing' Thinking

    But when they try to spend some, they find out that while some bills are real, the vast majority of it is fake play money. The book ends with Emma rocked to realize she destroyed her best friend for a "fortune" that doesn't exist. Run With The Wind : During Day 1 of Hakone Ekiden, Prince is the starting runner for Kansei University and unsurprisingly comes last in his section, but the admirable efforts of Musa and the twins help the team climb up the rankings. Unfortunately, the last runner for the day is the very sick Shindo; he has to push himself to move at all, let alone complete his section, and the team drops back down to 20th place for that first half.

    The team of course has nothing but admiration and concern for Shindo, who insisted on competing since withdrawing would mean Kansei dropping out of Hakone together. Live-Action TV. The third season reveals that he has completely screwed it up between seasons, becoming among other things a heroin addict. This is the entire theme of The Americans. The entire series revolves around them doing dirty jobs, sacrificing so much and even ruining the lives of friends for their mission.

    The series finale has them "burning" their lives in America, leaving behind their children and returning to Moscow. The series ends with the duo back home, unaware that just four years later, the USSR will collapse, the KGB will be disbanded and everything they did for their country will be for naught. In other words, the series focuses on two Cold War soldiers with no idea they ultimately will lose the War. Angel Season 3 has such an example when Wesley discovers a prophecy that seems to predict that Angel will eventually kill his newborn son Connor. Fearing for the baby's life, Wesley makes a deal with Angel's old enemy Holtz to spirit the baby away before that happens, but Holtz ends up double-crossing him; as a result, Wesley ends up with a Slashed Throat while Holtz and Connor end up trapped in the hell dimension Quor'toth.

    Then it's revealed that the prophecy was in fact fabricated by the demon Sahjhan, who had discovered that Connor was destined to grow up and kill him. When Fred visits Wesley in the episode, she informs him of his blunder, even quoting the trope name word for word. And he is proven wrong, as she starts crying "Mama! Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 5 has all the drama of Joyce's brain tumor. Then she dies of an aneurysm after the tumor is removed.

    A purposeful, tragic example in season 7: a girl named Cassie has prophetic powers and repeatedly predicts that she will die this Friday. Because of this , a cult tries to sacrifice her to a demon, figuring people will just rule her disappearance a suicide. Buffy saves her from the demon, saves her from a booby trap, tells her that people can make their own destinies. Cassie then falls dead from a heart condition that she didn't even know that she had.

    After giving a veiled prediction that Buffy will stop the Apocalypse.

    3:AM Magazine

    A few times on CSI: Miami '. A pair of crooks rob an armored car, killing one of the guards. One is killed himself by the cops while the other is caught. It's then discovered that the money was actually fake as the crooks just happened to pick a shipment that had been swapped by another pair of crooks for the real cash.

    The captured thief can't believe he's going to jail for killing a man over a pack of fake cash. A set of triplets conspire to murder the rich husband of one sister, figuring their identical appearances will guarantee the cops can never prove which one of them did it. Not only are they wrong but as it happens, the man they killed was actually their husband's Body Double and he's very much alive to raise the son of one of his "wives. After a huge makeover, she hunted them all down to kill them off. The episode ends with the woman in her "original" form smiling as she's led off in handcuffs.

    As soon as the cell door shuts, she becomes her current version with her smile fading as it sinks in how she let her desire for payback for some minor bullying ruin her entire life. More than one dying crook has had the last thing they hear be Caine dryly asking if "it was all worth it in the end. She finally learns not to fear and distrust all things relating to health — and in Degrassi High , L. In Degrassi High, all that talk about getting off his butt and working hard is rendered meaningless when it turns out he has dysgraphia. It still fits his character arc, since he still has to cope with feelings of inadequacy, but it's a huge shift.

    The lesson sticks for the whole series. But in Degrassi High , they almost stop being friends completely for those same reasons. More than once, he turns heel off-screen , with no warning until we're suddenly told that he's been acting this way for weeks. Second-Hand Storytelling makes the perfect tool for manipulating the audience.

    Doctor Who : " The Caves of Androzani ", in which almost every action and event is rendered pointless by almost everyone dying. What's more, the only thing the Doctor was able to accomplish was saving Peri's life; meanwhile, he caused a gigantic power collapse on Androzani Major and managed to destroy one of the planet's most valuable resources. They always survive, while I lose everything. Ray: I died, or at least people thought I did, and nothing happened.

    All the money, all the inventions, all the buildings beat and no one cared. The first act is a mythic tale with beginning and end, and the second act is life going on and not ending so neatly. In Henry V the titular king, unhindered by civil war, takes his "noblest English" into France and, despite overwhelming odds, defeats the French at Agincourt.

    O-Town All or Nothing [lyrics]

    Not only does he win the country or a big chunk of it he charmingly woos the French Princess Katherine to seal the deal and the last action has the two of them getting ready to be wed. Then the Chorus reminds the audience that, like in real life, Henry would be dead a few short years later, and his son's reign would see all those French territories lost and the country of England plunged into one of its famous and bloody civil wars. Video Games. This trope sums up the net gain of any MMO that has shut down.

    Spent all that time grinding characters, farming loot, hunting achievements and making nerdy friends who you have no actual contact information with? Too bad, the servers are shut down and scrapped or even sold on the black market as stolen personal information and all your hard-earned progress is gone forever! Doubly so if you spent any money on the game. In The Bard's Tale Trilogy , the first two games are about saving the town of Skara Brae, while in the third game, the town is destroyed. Batman: Arkham Knight has a subplot in which Batman and Robin are trying to find a cure to an infection caused by the Joker's blood, which mutates those infected into clones of the Joker , which Joker himself sent to hospitals before his death in Arkham City.

    One such infectee, Henry Adams, is apparently immune, and Batman believes him to be the key to a cure Ultimately, there is no cure for the infection, and Batman kept Robin working on a "Shaggy Dog" Story rather than serve as an effective ally in the field; the Joker hallucination that plagues Batman throughout the game gleefully rubs in Batman's face that he went through all that trouble for nothing. In Battletech , Victoria Espinosa's character arc ends this way.

    After performing one dog-kicking act after another for what she believes is the greater good, the Directorate is defeated by Kamea and the Player Character and her father — who had convinced her that his was the only way — decides to surrender rather than fight to the last. Unable to come to terms with the fact that she did all those evil acts for nothing, Victoria has a Villainous Breakdown and commits Suicide by Cop against Kamea and one of your lances.

    In Betrayal at Krondor , the renegade moredhel Gorath goes to insane lengths to prevent his people from starting another suicidal war with the humans and by extension achieving peace between the two nations. These "insane lengths" include giving up leadership of the clan he's led for over two centuries and defecting to the humans, thus getting branded traitor and earning his people's hatred and his wife's contempt.

    In short, he gives up everything. By the end of the story, it is revealed that his efforts mostly only forwarded the villain's plan to get his hands on an Artifact of Doom. He lays down his life to prevent said artifact from destroying the world. Any success towards achieving peace or making his nation less war-crazed? Though this was a Foregone Conclusion , since the game takes place in between two books that had already been published, with no major change to the political landscape between them.

    There is one very delayed benefit in the last arc of the novels: Gorath's sacrifice makes it possible for the heroes to trust a delegation of Moredhel led by Gorath's youngest And only living son who volunteer to help keep the Dread from breaking into their universe and destroying it two centuries after his death.

    She does everything she can to save her dear friend Lotte. Including leaving her potential position as a prestigious scientist in Sector Seven, inflicting herself with the same corruption inflicting him which does a number on her body , joining two Obviously Evil people that she doesn't trust for the sake of more information of how to save him even when her other friends call her foolish for it and by that game, somehow she's managed to find that one method to do it safely and reunited with him while being lucid and sane Which means all those risky decisions and getting herself being known as a reckless, selfish idiot by others were all for nothing.

    Call of Duty: World at War multiplayer matches often end this way if your team loses: Sgt. Roebuck: A lot of good men died today. All for nothing! We save Ferelden, and they're angry. We save Orlais, and they're angry!

    Don't tell me this is all for nothing I can only tell you one thing on Spotify

    We close the Breach twice , and my own hand wants to kill me! The Master: But it cannot be! This would mean that all my work has been for nothing! It can't be! To have done the things I have done It was madness. I can see it now, madness.

    1. Strange People, Scary People.
    2. How to Overcome All-Or-Nothing Thinking.
    3. Pennies from Heaven (The sequal to Not Your Time Book 2)!
    4. There is no hope. Leave now. Hinoka: How could this happen?! What have I been fighting for all this time? Franklin : So you mean to tell me this shit was all for nothin'? Man, it's the hood all over again. Visual Novels. In the Neutral Ending, she tentatively clarifies that nothing has changed, with Hisao agreeing.

      Played straight in Lilly's Neutral Ending: she leaves for Scotland, never to return. Hisao feels that his relationship with her was completely pointless.