Pandemonium on the Potomac

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Further in the city from the harbor lies the Maryland Bounty. As an art enthusiast, this attraction was my personal favorite. Maryland Bounty consist of metal and mosaic panels mixed with stained glass signifying Maryland's ties with the Chesapeake Bay. Across there was engraving of crab picker digging for crabs, a ship's captain holding a basket of clams and oysters, a young boy on the Maryland waterfront holding a basket of pumpkinseed fish and so much more.

It was an afternoon well spent at the dock as the strong gust of wind caressed my skin. Countless gulls flew overhead frequently and if you are lucky, a shark can too be spotted by the river.

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National harbour marina features all the comfort of a waterfront resort making it an ideal spot for vacation in DC. Furthermore, the unique geography of Potomac River is such that it has shaped the land for a colossal waterfall, The Great Falls.

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  6. Washington, DC is a beautiful city.
  7. Along the waterfall lies an acre beautiful natural park. It is a habitat for various native animals and wild plants. As I trekked along the waterfall, I was absolutely mesmerised by the massive current of water and the pandemonium of noise as it crashes against the boulders. What's more?

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    It is a perfect spot for fishing if one can bring their own fishing line. Potomac is a gorgeous river with a trail that has convinced to go back once more to seek the greatness again, sometime. Skip to main content.

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    Love that short-circuit feeling when they drill too close to the nerve. He felt a charge just thinking about it. Yurik had arranged all the necessary passes for him and he managed to get settled into the august hearing room. A row of camera-flash-popping minions groveled beneath the oppressive mahogany structure up front. That was power. Every member of Congress obliged to sit and listen while an agenda for the nation is delivered.

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    Senator Chappy Dick, the ultra-liberal Californian, was already settled in and licking his chops. He could barely wait to get on with the inquest and begin the process of carving Yurik up. A short while later, the meeting was underway and Senator Dick was leading the inquiry:. Does it not produce a deafening roar in their heads that is almost unbearable?

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    Does our constitution make provisions for this sort of inhumane treatment? Dick felt he had Skulleater on the ropes with this one. Yurik reflected thoughtfully and replied in a calm, steady voice:.

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    Yurik continued:. They want to exit this world screaming and squirting blood from their asses.


    That a few drops of water on the noggins of these vermin is somehow violating their civil rights? Come on! What would you have us do? Hell, people actually pay extra for that breastbone bass. He was leaning way back in his red leather swivel rocker. Dick deftly shifted gears and launched into the widely anticipated abortion question.

    Do you recognize and pledge to uphold the principle of stare decisis? Yurik was ready for him though. He turned to Thrush and winked, then said:. To do otherwise would represent a compromise of my judicial impartiality. But Dick pressed harder:. How would you approach a case involving this issue and would you show the appropriate respect for precedent? Yurik again glanced back at Thrush and nodded, then he responded in a serious tone:. With that Thrush started strumming the chords of a tune he wrote for the occasion, and Yurik, who had received voice lessons when he was younger, chimed in with his husky baritone voice:.

    Stare, stare decisis…. Tear the fetus out by the head. Wrench it from its uterine bed. With nary a care at all. Headless flotsam flushed away. In the old unplanned parenthood suite.

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    Stare, stare decisis. But before he could get another word sung, pandemonium broke out. Cameras were flashing left and right. Thrush and Yurik were both grinning from ear to ear. The Democrat Chairman pounded his gavel and chortled above the din:.