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Sofia Municipality announces an open competition for the restoration, renovation and construction of Sveta Nedelya Square and its adjacent public spaces, aiming to create a network of public spaces while preserving their identity.

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Log out. ArchDaily Architecture for Wellness YACademy launches the second edition of Architecture for Wellness , a high-level training course offering 8 scholarships and internships in internationally-renowned architectural firms. Enter the SkyCity Challenge Open call for every part in the world. Competition Poster The objective of the completion is to invite innovative, imaginative and purposeful design solutions for the reuse of the A-listed Egyptian Halls, a warehouse building completed in on Union Street, Glasgow by the celebrated, nineteenth-century architect Alexander Thomson What is the future of home?

Architecture of the Future February Architecture of the Future is the biggest European architecture conference on emerging technologies. Kyiv, Ukraine, October , The biggest European architecture conference on emerging technologies. Hans Poelzig. Projects for Berlin January January Courtesy of Wellcome Collection How does our built environment affect us? October 23, Competition: Musical Theater in Poznan October 16, The Competition will be held in polish. Participants: team composed of an architect, acoustician and stage technologist.

Finally, Edmond is considered as one of the founders of modern Israel. Javascript is not enabled in your browser options. This website requires that scripting language to work properly.

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FR EN. Arts Entrepreneurship Health Expertise in Philanthropy. Current Programs Past Programs. James de Rothschild - Betty de Rothschild - Adolphe de Rothschild - Julie de Rothschild - Edmond James de Rothschild - Maurice de Rothschild - Edmond de Rothschild - It comprised around homes on completion in the mids.

Meanwhile, the prefabs remained. They seem to have provided decent homes and for children — with a recreation ground, Chinbrook Meadows and the River Quaggy close to hand — a happy childhood. The pub was demolished in the s, replaced by retirement flats though, confusingly for newcomers, the local bus stop retains the name. Those prefabs were demolished in the early s. In their place, the LCC projected and the GLC completed an attractive, predominantly low-rise estate — a modest, small estate at first glance but one which in its own terms was a state-of-the-art fulfilment of the latest planning and architectural thinking.

The Chinbrook Estate deserves a closer look. The great criticism of the earlier and much larger cottage suburbs had been their lack of community facilities, their dormitory feel.

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Here, a conscious attempt was made from the outset to provide social amenities which would support community and local identity. But, on a smaller estate such as the Chinbrook, with garaging and parking spaces reasonably integrated with the housing, they seem to have worked better though they look neglected at present. The mixed development which Chinbrook embodies — a range of housing types and forms to suit a varied mix of households — was also an established concept by the early sixties but the estate provides an impressive cameo.

Homes on Lambscroft Avenue c www. The rest of the Estate comprised some two-storey terraced houses which provided family accommodation while low-rise flats were built for couples without children and elderly people. What was exceptional — and what is even clearer from the early photographs of the Estate before the depredations of Right to Buy — is the overall architectural and design quality of the Estate. In contemporary terms, placemaking is the prized ideal. The built environment of the Estate and its cherished community facilities seem, to me, to fulfil this ideal.

As the mass rehousing drive of the sixties took off — on a scale and in a form often much criticised since — Chinbrook is a reminder of the best that might be achieved with proper investment and careful planning. That was certainly the belief of the Civic Trust who commended the Estate in In their words: 5 :. The elevations have been consistently and simply handled in red brick and white shiplap boarding forming a pleasant and bright background to the well-proportioned pedestrian ways and squares formed by the layout. The landscaping, both hard and soft, is well detailed and has been carried through with functional simplicity.

The design, heights and interrelated use of screen brick walls and railings very successfully interplay enclosure and openness as one walks through the area. Chinbrook illustrated:. Another significant point of comparison is with the much admired Span housing of the period.

Architect: Eric Lyons

That, to me, is strongly reminiscent of both the design and ambition of the Chinbrook Estate — with one key difference. By the s, public service had become — in the mind-set of the governing Conservative Party at least — a discredited concept. Right to buy was a deliberate attempt to break up and shake up council estates and its legacy is plain to see on the Chinbrook Estate. Ironically, the fittings and fixtures in the communal areas of the tower blocks have been superbly preserved and provide a wonderful glimpse of in-situ s modernism.

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  8. Images c www. It was, as was the way, an offer that was hard to refuse. Decent homes upgrades were required by law, security and environmental improvements were desired by residents, and Lewisham — in common with other councils — was denied the necessary public funds to carry out the work. The shine of that promised investment rapidly dissipated. It has been neglected since this closure but, look more closely, remember its past and imagine its future, and you will see an outstanding community facility.

    As a local resident, you might remember the centre as a community hub — not only a valued resource for the young people of the estate but, as I was told, a regular venue for wedding receptions and many other community functions. This is about a facility which is needed by local children and teens and which could, in the imaginative but highly practical plans of the community group campaigning to save it , serve the wider community in many ways.

    When the Chinbrook Estate was built five decades ago, the GLC — as a progressive and innovative council — took care not only to provide good homes and a decent environment but also the amenities to support and sustain community.

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    Such values have been eroded and the reforming role of local government disastrously curtailed. Nowadays, it seems we must fight these battles again.

    I built my own social housing: the rise of Chile's 'half-houses' - How We Live Now

    Thanks again to the London Metropolitan Archives for permission to use images from Collage, their wonderful on-line picture archive. The Housing Centre Trust was a voluntary organisation which acted as a meeting ground for organisations and individuals engaged in housing and as an information centre on housing issues. My thanks to Tom Cordell of Utopia London for this information personal communication, 13 February Here this amounts to over 11, homes.

    This post and the next will concentrate on a smaller area and two of the smaller estates — Grove Park, a fine example of interwar planning and construction, and the unsung but remarkable Chinbrook Estate, one of the most attractive and architecturally accomplished estates of the s. Lewisham Metropolitan Borough Council was securely Conservative throughout the interwar period and its housing efforts were modest. The short cul-de-sac and enclosed green of Romborough Gardens forms a particularly attractive enclave.