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Collecting together the daily strip material from October 26, to October 29, Green Hornet - New feature film in the works! The daily version of The Phantom ran separately from the Sundays until the "Fathers and Sons" storyline. Starting with that story, which began on February 21, and ending with "The Ape Idol of the Durugu" concluding on May 6, the continuities ran together. If the biblical plagues of Egypt truly happened--could they happen again--on a global scale?

Two years after vanishing into the Sudanese desert, the leader of a British archeological expedition, Professor Harold McCabe, comes stumbling out of the sands, frantic and delirious, but he dies before he can tell his story. The mystery deepens when an autopsy uncovers a bizarre corruption: someone had begun to mummify the professor's body--while he was still alive. His strange remains are returned to London for further study, when alarming news arrives from Egypt.

The medical team who had performed the man's autopsy has fallen ill with an unknown disease, one that is quickly spreading throughout Cairo.

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Fearing the worst, a colleague of the professor reaches out to a longtime friend: Painter Crowe, the director of Sigma Force. The call is urgent, for Professor McCabe had vanished into the desert while searching for proof of the ten plagues of Moses. As the pandemic grows, a disturbing question arises. Are those plagues starting again? Before Director Crowe can investigate, a mysterious group of assassins leaves behind a fiery wake of destruction and death, erasing all evidence.

With the professor's body incinerated, his home firebombed, Sigma Force must turn to the archaeologist's only daughter, Jane McCabe, for help.

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While sifting through what's left of her father's work, she discovers a puzzling connection, tying the current threat to a shocking historical mystery, one involving the travels of Mark Twain, the genius of Nikola Tesla, and the adventures of famous explorer, Henry Morgan Stanley. To unravel a secret going back millennia, Director Crowe and Commander Grayson Pierce will be thrust to opposite sides of the globe. One will search for the truth, traveling from the plague-ridden streets of Cairo to a vast ancient tomb buried under the burning sands of the Sudan; the other will struggle to stop a mad genius locked within a remote Arctic engineering complex, risking the lives of all those he holds dear.

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As the global crisis grows ever larger, Sigma Force will confront a threat born of the ancient past and made real by the latest science--a danger that will unleash a cascading series of plagues, culminating in a scourge that could kill all of the world's children. Writer Lee Falk Art Phil Davis From the depths of the moon to the heights of the terrifying Ghost Mountain, these are the second collected adventures of Mandrake the Magician, the world's first costumed crime fighter.

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  8. Join him and his ever-trusty companion Lothar as they travel the world in search of excitement and adventure. Michael Chomko, W. Mike has established a website where you can download his current and past newsletters. Lovecraft is known for tales of terror, cosmic abominations and his most famous creation, the dreaded Cthulhu! However, the true breadth and depth spanned by Lovecraft, who also penned stories of fantasy, science fiction and even humor. Go beyond tentacles and evil gods to explore the mythos of Lovecraft.

    The Protectors - New! Only the nitwit newshound forgot that even the best stamps get cancelled. Even the heat couldn't smother Red's curiosity. The Tramp Hold On! Pulp AdventureCon - New! The Power Barons - New! In , with Hitler consolidating power in Germany and the Japanese Empire on the rise in Asia, young pulp publisher Harry Steeger decided the American public was ready for a magazine chronicling the exploits of an undercover agent dedicated to defending the United States from foreign aggressors. With his editors, Steeger came up with a title, Secret Service Operator 5, and a cover depicting a masked terrorist fleeing an exploding White House.

    Over this loomed the resourceful hero, blazing away with a. His job: to defeat a new invasion of the United States—every month! Davis recalled. When I was called in to start the series Terrill already had a cover illustration—the White House being blown up. I did the first Operator 5 around this picture. Only one man, but a man who embodied the American spirit — and stands prepared to perish to protect his country.

    Invasion of the Yellow Warlords is read with stirring intensity by Milton Bagby. Originally published in the June, issue of Operator 5 magazine. Science fiction is full of heroes, from warriors to explorers. Only one figure, though, exemplifies every trait that a great hero sailing the stars should have. Captain Future, created largely by Edmond Hamilton based on a concept given to him from Thrilling Publications.

    Equal parts genius, fighter, scientist, explorer, and loyal team member, Captain Future set the standard for what great science fiction stories should be, the impact of the stories still being felt today. Mystery is an element of many of the Captain Future stories. Curt Newton and the Futuremen are often faced with not only saving an alien race or preventing planetary destruction, but also learning who is behind the latest evil deed or how it is being done.

    Clues are left and facts are shared with readers, making the final solution believable and exciting, letting them reveal the bad guy right alongside Captain Future. Most definitely science fiction space opera, the Captain Future stories go beyond that. A traditional Pulp hero in many ways, Captain Future also proved to be a character that readers could easily relate to.

    His involvement in the quest for justice is equally driven by his natural curiosity, the desire to explore and learn. He also clearly sees those closest to him, particularly the Futuremen, as family, and reacts to them in that way. The stories are also peppered with humor and absurd encounters with strange beings. Rocket into science fiction adventure and discover new worlds. Page writing as Grant Stockbridge Murder, ever a ghastly business, took on a new and horrible meaning when the Man From Hell made New York a city of seven million fear-mad souls.

    Into this kill-crazy metropolis plunged the Spider and Nita to write a crimson page of never-to-be-forgotten Underworld history — making this novel the most suspenseful and breath-taking of all Spider adventures! Tepperman When Hitlerite killers force star-performer Ed Race to take a mere walk-on part in the biggest show on earth! The story features The Shadow and Margot Lane racing against time as they attempt to save an innocent man on death row from being executed on the electric chair.

    This thrilling adventure launched what would become the most successful radio series of all time. With the radio drama as the foundation, we are making a stop-motion animated film to compliment the audio track, creating an exciting visual element that we hope will not only appeal to long time Shadow Agents, but also attract new fans to this amazing character. Merry Mrs. Spiders on the Cover of Weird Tales - New!

    Gorillas on the Cover of Weird Tales - New! Who Do They Root For? Conan on the Cover of Weird Tales - New! Cover Allen Anderson This collection of cover art from the Golden Age of Science Fiction captures the explosion of creativity, optimism, and experimentation that took place in America from the s to the s. Unknown writers such as Asimov, Bradbury, Sturgeon, and Clark got their start between the covers of these vintage pulp magazines, and the artwork was considered just as inspiring.

    Journey back to the early days of science fiction—to witness the evolution of a genre through these twelve colorful and fantastic cover reproductions, faithfully restored and printed on FSC-certified paper with soy-based inks. This is a true month calendar featuring images that are perforated to fit any 11"x14" frame.

    It's a wire-bound collection of archival-quality prints, cleverly disguised as a calendar. But the witch queen Vammatar and the necromancer Kulan Gath seek the Books of Shuma-Gorath to free the evil god and bring it under their control! No bugeyed monsters of the "space operas" here, but the adventures of a clever man, not physically outstanding in any way, who passed almost unnoticed from the Patrol Academy into the Service, there to become the almost legendary hero of the space fleet.

    Keeping the peace of the inner and outer planets was no easy job. It fell to Commander Bullard to put down the rebellious criminals long since banished to other planets, to fight in grim wars which encompassed not the nations of our time but the planets of the universe, and last but not least, to cut through the red tape of Terra's bureaucracy. His clever use of the extraordinary machines and weapons of a future age brought him a fame unequaled among the mariners of deep space.

    As a hero of science fiction, Commander Bullard has no equal. His fantastic, often humorous, but always logical adventures have long been favorites of science-fiction addicts. Doctor Strange Movie Review - New! The legendary heroes of three worlds fight to survive in the forbidden jungle of the inter-dimensional Worldscape.

    Co-starring the jungle goddess Fantomah! Then I'll tell you about it now because it was rice that started that mutiny. What I mean is, the crew wanted rice, and there wasn't any. The ship's officers had eaten it. So the crew thought they would start something; and they did, believe me. The Tramp - New! Hold On! Scorpio - New! Satyrs on the Cover of Weird Tales - New! Painton The Squadron of the Dead contained all the hellions of ten armies! Frandzen - New! Airship 27 Podcasts - Now online! Episode 21 of the Airship 27 Podcast is now live at the link below.

    This talk brought back memories for me from 50 years ago! In addition, this collection contains twelve other stories, including four written especially for this volume, in which Doc Ardan faces such exotic threats as the Beast of Gevaudan, the Queen of Atlantis, Natas the Devil Doctor, the Morlocks and more.

    The Abominable Snowman. The Vampire of the Hamada. The eponymous Crocodile is an attempted saboteur of the Divine Plan, an instrument of the Adversary, who claims to have created and shaped the universe—but who is, after all, a liar. As for the divinity, he remains invisible, but is described as a jeweler whose wife who supervises a Society of Independents, the members of which never meet but are always in session. Add to these concepts a plague of books, which reduces human knowledge to a soggy pulp; the sunken city of Atalante, where everything stopped dead at the moment of its submersion; and the fact that the ultimate hope of a beleaguered Paris in the face of diabolical catastrophe is an aging Jew armed with a little box, and the cocktail is, to say the least, original and appealing to the connoisseurs of the bizarre.

    He clasped his forehead with his hand, thinking that he was going mad. Gabriel Mirande inherits a serum from a friend, the chemist Brion, which enables him to read minds. The Lynx is notable as one of the earliest significant treatments of telepathy. It represents a point in the evolution of the genre when it became possible to discuss the alteration of human nature in the context of a suspenseful thriller.

    Here, Mirande must use the serum to thwart the schemes of Dr. Castellan, a powerful villain, although the odds are stacked against him. The Lynx is one of the most interesting marriages of minds within the genre. Lovecraft When science fiction was a new and yet undefined genre, pre-dating the vast-reaching, intergalactic sagas of Heinlein, Asimov and Clarke, one of the most successful authors of the era was George Allan England.

    Earth were visited by an alien intelligence looking for science projects? The answers to these and other questions may be discovered in The Thing from—Outside. The roots of evil clutch at the reader in these and other strangling tales. The fiction of C. Also included are two newly discovered works! The H.

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    8. Harness Castalia House. But none quite like this. Hired to find a young woman named Anna Pape who ran away from home to become an actress, Bell gets a shock when her murdered body turns up instead. Vowing to bring the killer to justice, he begins a manhunt which leads him into increasingly more alarming territory.

      Anna Pape was not alone in her fate—petite young blond women like Anna are being murdered in cities across America. Russia and China covet the radical technology, but the United States worries about a darker problem. As long as it remains frozen, the cargo is inert, but if it thaws, it will unleash a catastrophe of nearly unthinkable proportions. From the Galapagos Islands to the jungles of South America to an icy mountain lake many believe to be the birthplace of the Inca, the entire NUMA team will risk everything in an effort to avert disaster.

      Weirdbook 33 - New! October Newsstand - New! Who was The Continental Op? And its bold protagonist, who along with having a Herculean body is also a surgeon, linguist and inventor, remains determined to do right to all and wrong to no one. Facebook - Now online! There are numerous groups on Facebook that are of potential interest to pulp fans. Howard Foundation Robert E. Howard The International Robert E. Back issues - Still available! Gotham Pulp Collectors Club Typically the 3rd Saturday of every month Check the website at the link below for the latest schedule.

      It meets the 3rd Saturday of every month. Check the website at the link below for exact time and place information. Quite far along, this volume sees all proofreading complete except for the long-awaited introduction. This cover image is still a work-in-progress and Raymond Swanland once again demonstrates that he is the master of heroic and kinetic action.

      Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of what is hoped to be the definitive collection of Fredric Brown sans his science fiction works. Assembled in chronological order of publication, this set will contain all the short fiction of all genres: mystery, horror, noir, western, detection, etc. This massive undertaking could not have been accomplished without their help. Before his marriage to and subsequent collaborations with Catherine L. Chris has re-purposed the original black and white pulp illos for each story as double-page spreads opening each tale.

      They are simply fantastic! The introduction by Wandrei expert D. Olson is in hand and all that remains is the last proofreaders pass on three remaining stories with a final touch-up on the magazine covers reproduced on the full-color endpapers. It may come as a surprise to some that Donald Wandrei wrote more mysteries than all his horror, fantasy, and science fiction tales combined. Frost, who is ably assisted by his beautiful and tough female assistant, Jean Moray.

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      A scientist and inventor, Frost has his own approach to solving mysteries. A second volume of the remaining 10 tales was promised but never materialized. Moore, has been pushed down the publication list. We can report that aside from acquiring new cover art the image at left is a placeholder; yeah, we know it says "Henry Kutter" We are soon to send out an offer to a new cover artist and hope to hear back some good news. The Murder of Ann Avery —Psychoanalyst solves brutal slaying! Murder of a Mistress —Psychoanalyst Michael Gray solves the killing of a girl who knew too much about too many men who had too damned much to lose.

      Murder of a Wife —Marked for Murder! No one believed her—not even the police! See the Haffner Press homepage for details. Bob Madle's fantastic intro is done and the manuscript has been proofread. Additional work is needed cleaning up the graphics for the appendix. Introduction by Robert A. Senf, Frank R. Paul, H. We had an introduction lined up for this from a noted SF comic, but it appears to have evaporated.

      Death Certificates of Finns in Chehalis County, Washington, 1907-1947

      The book also needs different cover art. This Bergey image from Startling Stories, while awesome, doesn't match the time-frame of these stories. We'll have more news later this year. Prior to his marriage to fellow science-fantasy writer Catherine L. Arthur K. The second series, dealt with the hilarious temporal romps of carnival barker, conman, and small-time crook Pete Manx. Pete is always on the run from some debt collector, or running to his lastest scam for an easy buck.

      Inevitably, Manx always ends up in the laboratory of Dr. Mayhem, whose unreliable time machine launches Pete into the past where he finds himself in hotter water than before. This volume collects all the SF collaborations of these two punsters and features the interior illustrations of the original magazines.

      But can he find safety in the skin of another man But as he describes in a new afterword, the book wound up published only eight years later, under a different title and a fake name—and was then lost for half a century. First publication in almost 50 years! At the time of his death, Erle Stanley Gardner was the best-selling American author of the 20th century, and world famous as the creator of crusading attorney Perry Mason.

      Donald Lam has never been cooler—not even when played by Frank Sinatra on the U. Steel Hour of Mystery in Bertha Cool has never been tougher. And Erle Stanley Gardner has never been better. First publication ever! This spectacular new book branches out in a new direction to explore the artist's earlier days as an illustrator. Featuring over illustrations, this page long volume is filled with beautiful illustrations reproduced from the original paintings and drawings, as well as scores of rarely seen tear sheets from the pulps, the slicks, and beyond.

      This book is limited to copies total. Fear and paranoia and the collapse of governmental structure are in sight. As a lethal trap is sprung around him, Bond finds an unexpected ally in glamorous arms company executive Victoria Hunt. Occult Detective Quarterly is an exciting new venture for enthusiasts of those who dare to probe beyond the Veil, those who face the psychic, the supernatural and the strange.

      Arrogant amateurs, scholars and philosophers; hardened detectives, and innocents who have no choice - these are the characters who will fill our pages. Or stand in contemporary shadows and watch the John Constantines of this world battle the next one. Even more than this, we want to rip apart the boundaries, and explore the limits of occult investigative fiction. We're already looking for, and finding, new approaches, new characters in unlikely settings. From First Nation female investigators to gay detectives scouring a decadent 19th century Paris, from the South American bruja to the hoodoo-woman — we want all these to join the time-honoured ranks.

      A perfect-bound print magazine, along with an e-version for day-to-day browsing, ODQ will bring you fabulous fiction by great names from the field, and introduce you to exciting new writers. All accompanied by fearsome art, fascinating articles and reviews. Editing the journal will be Sam Gafford, an experienced writer of dark fiction, editor and William Hope Hodgson scholar, from the United States, and John Linwood Grant, a lifelong addict of supernatural fiction, blogger of the weird and a writer of strange period horror, from the UK.

      We already have a great line-up for the first couple of issues, and now we want to make sure that we take it to the next level. Your pledges will ensure that we can bring this together. We want our contributors to get a fair deal, our journal to be stylish and our readers to be delighted. This Kickstarter will ensure that we get off the ground running.

      It will guarantee not only that we can offer subscriptions with confidence, but that we can expand our plans, such as: More quality art illustrating the stories At least one serial exclusive to ODQ Extended content to enthrall Contribute now and you'll be in at the start, with extra rewards and recognition, ready to come with us as we journey into forbidden territories The Major served as a cavalry officer on the southwest border during the Mexican Revolution. Then followed his strangest assignment, conducting espionage in legendarily hostile Siberia. After the war he was stationed in Western Europe.

      These places became the settings for the majority of his hardboiled adventure stories. His use of authentic detail, combined with his superior storytelling ability, make his stories difficult to put down. It is time for the Major to receive his due—as one of the genuine larger-than-life men of the pulps. And, yes, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson is one of the very, very few people responsible for giving the world Superman.

      Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson could—and because of it, his evocations of heroism and combat have a believability and a personal depth unlike anything else in pulp fiction. And to get his murder bearings, he had to tune in on a private bullet broadcast - with vengeance at the controls. But when he followed its directions, he didn't know he was taking a detour to murder! Pulp Magazines Project - Now online!

      Library of Congress houses its collection of issues in Washington, D. With its latest addition of 4 issues of The Black Mask Aug. The Project also provides information on the history of this important but long neglected medium, along with biographies of pulp authors, artists, and their publishers. At the heart of the Project's mission is the archive itself.


      In summer , it began with a modest library of five representative first-generation pulp titles from the early twentieth century. Over time, the archive will expand, new magazines will be digitized, and contextual materials added. Eventually, the archive will feature a broad range of pre titles, post titles where copyright has lapsed, and full volume runs of select titles from to The Project is dedicated to fostering ties between communities of collectors, fans, and academics devoted to pulp magazines, and will offer opportunities for research and collaboration to both scholars and enthusiasts alike.

      We will provide information on upcoming conferences and conventions, and promote new working relationships between academics and the hundreds of pulp fans and collectors beyond the college and university. Pulp Newsgroups - Now online! There are numerous pulp newsgroups that are of potential interest to pulp fans. Information on several of these groups and a link to sign up is posted below. Merritt's novels, short stories, paperbacks, hardcovers, pulps, reprints, and any movies based on these works can all be discussed here. Also, any artwork from any of the above pertaining to Merritt's writing can be discussed and displayed.

      If interested, questions and statements about other authors that copied or imitated Merritt's style can be posted. Discussion not only allowed, but encouraged! Traditionally held the second Saturday of each November, Doc Con attracts residents from around the country, for a weekend of planned Doc Savage events as well as discussions and camaraderie. Follow along with the planning each year by participating in this group. Creator of numerous famous characters, such as Tarzan, Carson Napier, and John Carter of Mars, and exciting worlds, such as Venus, Barsoom, and Pellucidar, Burroughs is widely recognized as one of the fathers of the Pulp Era and modern heroic fiction.

      Particular emphases are on the "Gaslight" magazines of circa , the pulp magazines of the first half of the 20th century, the "Big Slick" magazines of the midth century, the digest-sized magazines of the s and s -- and any other areas of magazine publishing which have been important for fiction. Discussion may cover aspects of the publishing history of the magazines concerned, their editors and editorial policies, the authors they published, and so on.

      Everything about this group can be discussed [ comics, pulps, radio shows, paperbacks, current news]also if anyone is interested in Paul ErnstIn the roaring heart of the crucible His works in the science fiction, weird and historical fiction genre and his general biography can also be discussed here. Pulp Fiction Uncensored: is for all fans of Pulp Fiction! We deal with OLD pulps only! If you're looking for something dealing with modern "pulp fiction" style writing, you'd be bored here.

      Ace Doubles, Dell Mapbacks, L. This 4-bedroom Penthouse spans over SF and offers the amenities of a condo with the privacy and space of a home. Relax in luxury in your heated, private, rooftop infinity pool, or walk just one block to the beach. An early check-in or late check-out time may be available, please inquire about pricing at the time of booking.

      TVs are located in each bedroom. See bed count below. There are also 2 half bathrooms, one located inside in the common area and pool-side, for a total of 4 bathrooms. The dining area has seating for 12, along with all the necessary dinnerware, and more. Games, toys and stair gates provided upon availability. An email with a photo of the credit card used to book the reservation, along with a matching government-issued ID are required after signing the rental agreement.