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Very little got junked and the songs came together pretty quickly, Liam wrote most of the lyrics and Des also helped out along the way. The arrangements usually came about from the lyrics. At this moment the band was clicking into gear, a full set of songs was brought together and by all accounts being in FU was like being in a gang. We started rehearsing once a week at Sunday School and soon added a few more songs to our repertoire.

Then the interest from record labels started. Also in the frame were London records, which turned up in France when we were playing a gig at the Locomotive. They stuck the platinum card behind the bar in a club. All drinks on them that night, bottles of champagne a plenty that night, to the point of me blacking out! The video for Phobia was shot at backstreet rehearsal studios by our two bob manager. I was gutted Flapping was the B side to Phobia as it was a top tune, definitely should have made the album.

To play Flapping live was a buzz! FU had all that and more to boot. Tim would be my roommate on all the tours and he put up with some crazy shit from me. There were numerous occasions of having to leave hotels in the middle of the night as someone had set off a fire alarm or Barry had walked into the bar naked or Des had skinned up in reception.

Barry used to like to build camps in rooms from bed parts and mattresses and was generally causing mischief wherever he went. It was a beautiful warm day and we spent it drinking what we called Kosh which was brandy Kahlua and milk and found a nearby field and lit a fire and cooked up some food on it. As it started to get dark suddenly a tree about yards away burst into flames, then two minutes later another then another.

Barry had found a can of petrol. To this day I still bump into local crew and promoters from those gigs and they all have an FU tale to tell, even last weekend the front of house guy for Sigma had promoted us in Portsmouth and Southampton and we shared a few tales, he was a big fan.

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After the touring London records released 2 further singles. When we walked in, one of their tracks was already playing, I really liked it. The guys were all really friendly, but I was pretty nervous, I think I was only about 19 or 20 at the time so pretty young and shy. I remember the manager Des, come charging up to me, all confident, and crazy eyed, telling me he loved my singing and how they all wanted to work with me. He was trying to be friendly, but he scared the hell out of me. They were all really easy going and friendly and we played pool on the Eel Pie canal boat whilst waiting for our turns to record.

They were great to work with because they were such nice guys, were really passionate about the music and very talented musicians. I have to say I was made up! What a gent! We spent a month or so there in the studio. It was around this time and especially after the mammoth tour, the bands excesses started to take their toll on certain members of the band, and as explained at the start of this article, tragically the excesses eventually took the lives of Liam and Joe.

Flowered Up was meant to be a way out of the council estate. After the album was recorded and released the band toured Europe, including Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and Holland. After returning from Europe the band had started to dissemble. I had a ragging heroin habit and that became more important than the band. Amazingly amongst all this the band were about to record their ground breaking song Weekender.

Weekender was not your usual upbeat indie, happy go lucky beat tune. It was so good; their best yet; passionate, angry, soulful and punk. It summed up the dance and drug culture of the time. The house were we recorded Weekender has this amazing basement with a pa mixing desk and these double doors that open up onto a fair size lawn. Me, Tim and Joe go down to the basement where the tools of the trade are all set up and we start jamming. By now we got into the habit of taping all our jam sessions, I think mainly because we never had a song writer as such.

So Tim, Joe and I are just messing around going from one thing to another, fast slow rocky reggae, Liam is bouncing around the basement dancing, doing what he did. What did happen was the 45 minute jam was broken down to 4 parts of the jam. The plan was some new songs, not one song being 12 minute 53 second long so we went back to play these four portions from the 45 minute jam.

So in two weeks we came away from the house with weekender. I loved working with Clive, we did quite a bit of pre-production on it with him that led to the many different sections and it took a week to record. John from the Dream Academy on oboe, Dom Weller, an old jazzer on sax. We walked from London and went to Sony who was happy to take us on and fund the video that accompanied it. Micky Leader replaced him but pretty quickly he turned out to have the same drug issues. Liam and Joe were also starting to struggle at this time, Liam a bit more than Joe. I was shocked that it had come to this, but I was completely unaware of how Jacko felt.

Also I was very lucky that Joe, of all people, was backing me. The band at this point was on the decline, which now seems crazy having just written this mega tune. I was told by the manager I could go on holiday. That was my parting from Flowered Up. The band with their 2 new recruits went on to play 2 of their biggest gigs in Glastonbury and the Madness reunion gig Madstock.

I think we were at the height of our playing powers then. I remember Morrissey getting pound coins lobbed at him and refusing to play the second day, serves him right for using skinhead and NF imagery to a bunch of essentially ageing skinheads. I got to meet one of my heroes Ian Dury at that as well.

He locked himself in a toilet and refused to come out, we eventually coaxed him out and went on 45 mins late. All a bit embarrassing really. After these huge gigs the band was on their last legs. The excesses within the band were at an all-time high and with key members now gone the band were left high and dry. Liam and Joe as brothers always had a bit of a tempestuous relationship and it got a lot worse. I went home, drunk a bottle of Jack Daniels and started thinking what to do next. Alan McGee Creation Records label owner had given them some money to demo some material and would I be interested in working with him again.

Despite some early reticence on my part I agreed to at least give it a try and Greedy Soul was born. I thought Flowered Up were brilliant. They were a southern version of Happy Mondays. Liam and Terry came and said they wanted to work with me. I funded a session for a great track Greedy Soul.

We did about 6 gigs I think including supporting Primal Scream at the Astoria. I was trying to keep it together but managing it and writing the stuff got too much. There was a further proper band reunion that occurred in Liam, Joe, John, Jacko and Tim back together. Joe was in a bad way, living in hostels and the like and they took a lot of licking back into shape before we were ready to play out again. Unfortunately Joe overcooked it at that gig, played badly and was then hospitalised at about 7. He nearly died. I quit. Shaun Ryder was going to DJ along with others. It was mint!

We came on, the place was packed, low stage to really capture the atmosphere, and it was electric. When we hit the first tune the club just went up like a rocket, die hard FU fans.

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To get that welcome was fantastic. There was talk of more gigs and Liam and Tim mentioned about us doing the Greedy soul album, rerecording it with the reformed band, this all sounds good. What did come from the reunion was closure of the past. We kissed and made up so in that respect happy days and I got to play all the gig sober by then I had cleaned my act up no drugs and no drink.

After this reunion there was one further attempt to get the band back together. I flatly refused this time, they tried and got Simon Lovekin back in but there was no chemistry left and it fell apart pretty quickly. What follows next is one of the saddest stories to come out of the Madchester scene. Alan McGee had nothing but love for Liam.

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Mani rang offering support and love, Clint Boon from Xfm and many more. It was sad but warming that this kid I knew for most of my life ended up in a band which touched so many people. In a nutshell: New East London cafe is inspired by food from all over the world but using produce grown in the heart of Dalston. In a nutshell: Coffee and dessert in Soho. The Bafarat coffee company hails from Jeddah, and is coming to London for its first international cafe.

And they're going big on dessert alongside all that caffeine. Expect a variety of eggs in buns all day long. In a nutshell: Restaurant quality fast food joint in Highbury Where is it? With 14 savoury and 14 sweet sauces to choose from, this Highbury fast food spot hopes you'll keep coming back to work your way through them all. In a nutshell: Beer and tapas pairings in Tooting Bec Where is it? In a nutshell: Dumplings in Victoria Park Where is it?

Once again, it's all about the dumplings - and they're very, very good. In a nutshell: Chinese hotpot restaurant chain hits London Where is it? Originating in Mongolia, the Happy Lamb Hot Pot company now has branches across America and Canada and they're now aiming their sights at the London restaurant scene. In a nutshell: Ladbroke Grove pub rises from the ashes Where is it? In a nutshell: Food hall with big names attached Where is it? Centre Point Why should you care? In a nutshell: Waterside wine bar Where is it?

Canary Wharf has a next-level wine bar, open all day with space for meetings and a lovely waterside terrace. In a nutshell: Late night Cantonese restaurant and bar for Soho Where is it? The duo behind Bun House and Pleasant Lady have turned their original site into a bar and restaurant inspired by the late-night scene of s Hong Kong. These restaurants are the first to open at the new Standard hotel just opposite St Pancras.

Both are from Adam Rawson - one with costal British cuisine and another that includes his amazing burgers. In a nutshell: The Lyle's team's next big thing Where is it? The people behind Lyle's one of the World's 50 Best restaurants have opened their second restaurant in Borough called Flor. This time it's part wine bar and part bakery. In a nutshell: Organic pizzas go east. Expect all the pizzas from the original, all made with organic ingredients. In a nutshell: Park Chinois does a brasserie Where is it? This Mayfair brasserie comes from the same people who are behind Park Chinois.

Expect a classic European brasserie in plush settings. In a nutshell: All day brasserie in Stratford Where is it? The Stratford Brasserie was second restaurant to be announced in The Stratford, but the first to open. It's an all-day brasserie that has a very impressive look - coupled with an enviable outside space. In a nutshell: Affordable steak in Spitalfields Where is it? If you're a fan of Flat Iron's steak great value steak, then you'll be very pleased to hear they've opened a new branch in Spitalfields - which will be very handy for city-folk.

In a nutshell: Mayfair pasta joint Where is it? In a nutshell: Middle East coffee shop in Camberwell Where is it? They describe themselves as "A coffee shop with food from the Middle East" - but the torrent of love and affection for Nandine on social media proves they're more than simply somewhere to grab a coffee and a snack.

In a nutshell: Indian in Twickenham via the Alps Where is it? Tsaretta Spice is the second location for this Indian restaurant after it started first in Meribel. If low food miles are your jam, then this new community cafe, with former Hawksmoor chefs should be on your go-to list. In a nutshell: Swiss in Soho Where is it? This Soho restaurant has a Swiss-inspired menu that means quite a lot of tableside theatre will be involved - from Raclette dips to fondues and grill-your-own-food charbonnades.

In a nutshell: Bakery and grill in Brentford Where is it? Right by the canal, you can get pastries and sandwiches by day - and grills, pizzas and more by night. The Roundhouse with the Green Roof, St. Katharine's Way, St. Opening in St Katherine Dock, Hoh Sek has a menu of Chinese-influenced noodle dishes as well as an evening menu of seasonal mains.

Gordon Ramsay's first new restaurant for years in London is inspired by s Tokyo drinking dens - it's taken over the spot where Maze was on Grosvenor Square. In a nutshell: A new modern Greek bistro from the team behind Mazi Where is it? An open charcoal grill is at the heart of this new Greek bistro, Suzi Tros, which is focusing on seasonally changing small plates.

They've already had a huge success with Gloria in Shoreditch and now the Big Mamma Group have opened their second London restaurant. This time it's Circolo Popolare, where the emphasis is on Sicilian in an over-the-top style. In a nutshell: Chicken wings in Tooting Where is it? Up until now, chicken wing specialists Orange Buffalo have been serving up their wings as street food - but now they've opened their first restaurant in Tooting Broadway. In a nutshell: Mount St Deli follow up Where is it? They weree also behind now closed Mount Street Deli to which this is a successor with classic deli dishes given an Asian inspired twist.

They're serving up an all-day modern European menu.

Opened in August 12222

In a nutshell: Award-winning sandwiches in the City. They've been street food legends for five years and now Sub Cult are getting a much-deserved permanent place in the City. With brand new subs along with the classics, this looks like your new City lunch spot. In a nutshell: Chucs go casual Where is it? Chucs are back with a new restaurant. They're still running with a modern Mediterranean menu, but this time they're going for a more casual feel. SOW is kicking off a new bowl food brand in Soho - and they've a menu from an award-winning chef. In a nutshell: Nathan Outlaw does seafood at an iconic London hotel Where is it?

Nathan Outlaw has opened a new restaurant at The Goring in Belgravia - a more casual seafood-led affair that's the hotel's first new restaurant in over years. In a nutshell: London's cruiseboat restaurant gets a permanent spot at Paddington Where is it? This sister restaurant to the London Shell Co.

In a nutshell: Quique Dacosta does London Where is it? Eastcastle Street, London W1 Why should you care? Multiple Michelin-starred Quique Dacosta has finally arrived in the UK with a restaurant that has a big focus on rice. And maybe a bit of paella. It's a larger room that will continue to serve the contemporary French dishes that the restaurant is known for. In a nutshell: Co-working beer and pizza joint for Bethnal Green Where is it?

Two former musicians have joined forces to open this East London all day space with a focus on craft beer and sourdough pizzas. In a nutshell: Tuscan coastal cooking comes to Brixton Where is it? Two Brixton locals, with one foot in Italy and the other in south London, have opened a neighbourhood spot on Brixton Water Lane serving up a range of Tuscan treats.

In a nutshell: A vegan cafe and coffee shop by day and a small plates and wine bar by night. Two friends, Holly and Alice, are behind the new launch, bringing with them experience at Cornerstone and in the coffee world at AllPress and Monmouth. In a nutshell: Four floors of cooking over fire and late night bars in Notting Hill Where is it? Notting Hill's food credentials are boosted by a restaurant and bar team that comes via the River Cafe and Soho House to take over this old pub.

They'll be serving up sharing plates, and food cooked over fire or in a wood-burning oven. In a nutshell: Burgers, cocktails and more in W1 Where is it? Expect the usual dose of burgers, hot-dogs, cocktails and more that have made them such a big hit ever since that first opening.

In a nutshell: Old Street gets its own fresh pasta joint Where is it? Two young chefs have brought their passion for pasta to East London, opening up this small plates and pasta restaurant which aims to do a few dishes very well. In a nutshell: Seasonal cooking in the Sherlock hotel Where is it? The restaurant, dominated by an open kitchen, is serving up seasonal European cuisine. As well as a few cocktails based on a certain detective. When the bartender who ran the World's Best Bar for years prepares to open an all-day bar and restaurant in London with fellow top class mixologist Monica Berg, you better believe people are going to sit up and take notice.

Lucky Old Street. In a nutshell: Bermondsey ramen joint and dive bar Where is it? Serving up ramen, Japanese small plates and more, this Bermondsey spot aims to be part NYC speakeasy, part Japanese dive bar. In a nutshell: Classic Milan pastry and bakery comes to London Where is it? Pasticceria Marchesi is one of Italy's institutions, serving up pastries and more since Now they're in London with all the favourites from the Milan original intact, including their classic panettone.

It's all change at the Bulgari hotel in Knightsbridge where Rivea has been replaced by Sette and the whole restaurant and bar is being turned, literally, upside down. In a nutshell: Indian-inspired street food in a permanent home Where is it? They have their famed burgers and some brand new dishes too. In a nutshell: Hot chicken in Hoxton. The founder behind Red Dog Saloon has opened a restaurant devoted to fiery southern chicken. A formidable restaurant team have taken on the space at the Grade II listed Holborn Town Hall with their first venture. Expect their usual top class fried chicken sandwiches and some new additions to the menu too.

In a nutshell: Fried chicken street traders take on Soho Where is it? French chef Thierry Laborde is back in London and this time he's bringing a taste of southern France to cobbled Bruton Place. In a nutshell: US celebrity burger chain Where is it? Is London ready for another US burger invasion? The brothers behind Wahlburgers certainly think so as Covent Garden is the first in a probable UK-wide expansion of their burger brand. In a nutshell: Italian in Wimbledon Where is it? This new Italian restaurant in Wimbledon has taken over from the old Cau site, promising a modern Italian menu.

In a nutshell: Cheese toasties in Chalk Farm Where is it? Oliver Peyton's sisters have opened their own cafe in Chalk Farm. It's all about coffee and lots of toasted cheese sandwiches In a nutshell: Organic farm canteen opens in London Where is it? Organic Somerset dairy company Yeo Valley sets its sights on London opening an all day organic cafe in the new West Walk development in Queensway. In a nutshell: "Press for Champagne" in the city Where is it?

This is the next restaurant from the people behind Bob Bob Ricard and it promises to be just as opulent, with plenty of booths, special private rooms and it even has a mini sushi restaurant inside. Not forgetting those "press for Champagne" buttons on every table. Plus it has Eric Chavot in charge of the food.

The team responsible for The Culpeper in Aldgate have a new project - they've opened this pub and hotel on Brick Lane where the rooftop terrace features an honesty bar and hot tub. In a nutshell: A new fishmonger and restaurant from the FishWorks team. In a nutshell: Barrifina does outside grilling Where is it? This is the first brand new project from the Barrafina team - launched next door to Barrafina King's Cross. In a nutshell: Taiwanese cult favourite hits South London Where is it? BAO has opened their third restaurant in Borough and this time, they're promising something a little different.

LIke karaoke, for one. Chef Anna Haugh uses her Irish connections and London restaurant experience to bring Chelsea a restaurant of very modern European sensibilities. In a nutshell: Dog-friendly restaurant group opens its fifth cafe, in Battersea Where is it? The newest restaurant to open at the Battersea Power Station development is this all-day cafe from famously dog-friendly restaurant group Megan's.

In a nutshell: Art and food in Peckham Where is it? The same people who brought us Soane's Kitchen have taken over the gallery cafe in the South London Gallery in Peckham for their latest opening. In a nutshell: Turkish kitchen in Knightsbridge Where is it? The Mantl is offering up a modern take on Turkish cuisine in the heart of Knightsbridge. In a nutshell: Sichuan in Islington Where is it? In a nutshell: Plant-based pizzas in Chelsea Where is it?

Vegan and vegetarian pizzas are the order of the day at this very pink Chelsea plant-based pizza palace. In a nutshell: Fishmonger and restaurant for Earls Court Where is it? Natalie Coleman has teamed up with theatrical set designers Darling and Edge to create a new concept with lavish art-filled interiors and bright, fun food to match. In a nutshell: Fermenting in Victoria Where is it? In a nutshell: Fishmonger by day, bar by night in Chelsea. And he's bringing along a few friends to help too It's inspired by the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna.

In a nutshell: Hammersmith wine bar Where is it? Heading to the tube at Hammersmith and really fancy a good glass of wine? This could be the place. In a nutshell: West London's smallest fine dining restaurant Where is it? Chef Richard Wilkins has moved into West London to open his solo venture, serving up a modern French fine dining menu.

In a nutshell: Steamed Cantonese buns in Chinatown Where is it? Since , Bun House have built up a reputation in Soho for their steamed buns.

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In a nutshell: Boondocks v2 Where is it? The new food-style for the restaurant is being dubbed as "American urban cuisine". In a nutshell: American food, jazz and more in Soho Where is it? Taking over the spot once held by Jackson And Rye, this is a retro-styled restaurant with American food and revue acts.

London E8 3RH Why should you care? This 12 seat noodle bar in Hackney is serving up meat-free Chinese classics. The former Head Chef of Pidgin has moved about half a mile north in Hackney to open this neighbourhood spot with tasting menus, natural wine list and snacks. In a nutshell: Flatshare themed venue goes permanent Where is it? Imagine landing a fabulous house share in Notting Hill. That's the premise of this pop-up turned permanent bar and restaurant on All Saints Road. In a nutshell: High end sushi Where is it? The former executive sushi chef at Zuma is opening a tiny sushi restaurant in the Television Centre at White City development.

With just 15 seats expect this to be a restaurant booking to boast about. In a nutshell: Local eating and drinking on Richmond Hill Where is it? In a nutshell: More biryani action and slow cooking in Mayfair from the Dum Biryani team Where is it? Inspired by the Lucknow region's Awadhi cooking, chef and restaurateur Dhruv Mittal has opened a restaurant with all manner of biryanis, kebabs and lunchtime quick bites. In a nutshell: Bar, restaurant, working space in Hoxton Where is it? This is the latest Hall from the people who brought you similar affairs in Brixton and London Fields with Martello Hall and more.

Like those, it mixes up a main drinking and dining space on the ground floor with plenty of event and co-working space throughout. In a nutshell: Theo Randall goes to the park. A collaboration between Theo Randall, Colicci, and The Royal Parks with an emphasis on healthy and vegan options looks set to put London's royal park cafes on the map. In a nutshell: Guy Ritchie's Fitzrovia pub Where is it? Film director Guy Ritchie's pub empire is expanding. In a nutshell: Come dine on Brick Lane Where is it?

As you might guess from the name, there's a lot of cooking over an ember grill with an ever-changing seasonal menu. In a nutshell: Halal to-go on Leicester Square Where is it? They've been around for 27 years to date and expanded across the US. There's a distinct Spanish flavour to restaurateur Victor Garvey's new City gaff Barullo which promises to liven things up in Aldgate.

In a nutshell: Japanese izakaya in Soho Where is it? This is a Japanese izakaya-style spot from entrepreneur Sonny Huang whose family has two Chinese restaurants in Birmingham. Expect a Japanese pub serving up dishes cooked over the open robata grill. Fifty Cheyne. In a nutshell: Italian cafe in Islington Where is it? Latteria is a new Italian cafe on Islington's Essex Road that comes from a seasoned restaurateur and promises an all-day menu based on the cafes of Milan. In a nutshell: Roti Chai's Fitzrovia cafe. This is from the people behind Roti Chai - this time opening an all-day cafe "offering an eclectic range of breakfast and all-day dishes with global influences, initially focused on flavours from across South East Asia.

In a nutshell: Street food and drinking in London Bridge Where is it? In a nutshell: The next from Xi'an Impression Where is it? This is the next restaurant from Highbury Fave Xi'an Impression. It features some of the favourites from the original restaurant by Arsenal's Emirates stadium as well as more traditional dishes. In a nutshell: Insta-fave bakery expands with a new spot in Chelsea Where is it? The original Instagram magnet, London bakery Peggy Porschen, has opened its second bakery, nine years after launching in Belgravia.

But this one is bigger, will be open later AND is going to have its own cocktail bar.

In a nutshell: Indo-Chinese food in Soho Where is it? In a nutshell: Gourmet Burgers in Highbury Where is it? This Highbury burger spot boasts a head chef who's worked in Michelin-starred kitchens and has burgers on the menu which really deserve a gourmet label. Expect BIG burgers, with pork belly, oxtail, bone marrow and more thrown into the mix.

Carlo Scotto's first solo venture, on Thayer Street, is a two tiered affair with a casual ground floor space XR and then a first floor fine dining experience Xier with a tasting menu. Sausages in Islington Why should you care? A new restaurant that's specialising in just the one thing has opened in Islington. X-Upper is all about gourmet sausages and they've rustled up some impressive chefs to create them. In a nutshell: Adam Handling takes on the food side of things at Belmond's flagship London hotel Where is it?

At their English countryside hotel Le Manoir Belmond picked Raymond Blanc, now they're putting all their resources behind Handling at their flagship Knightsbridge hotel. In a nutshell: Atul Kochhar is back with a new restaurant Where is it? Atul Kochhar's first new restaurant after Benares is this Mayfair spot focusing on lesser-known Indian dishes.

In a nutshell: Restaurant, bar and art space in Fitzrovia Where is it? Cutting Room sees the food and art world getting closer together. The duo behind Brunswick House and St Leonards are expanding to the west of the city with this new Scottish-inspired seafood restaurant in Notting Hill. In a nutshell: Italian in Shoreditch via Paris Where is it?

The Big Mamma group in Paris have had huge hits with their trattorias and now they've come to London with Gloria, taking over a big space in Shoreditch. Expect Italian food in a classic looking space as well as a hidden 80s-set dining room.

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In a nutshell: P Franco team's third restaurant will be an all counter spot where Legs used to be Where is it? The P Franco team's empire continues to expand. This, their third opening, takes over the former Legs restaurant on Morning Lane with an all-counter dining and drinking space. In a nutshell: Wine bar and bistro in Highbury Where is it?

In a nutshell: Healthy kitchen and bakery in Marylebone. Looking for a healthy restaurant in Marylebone that's all gluten and dairy-free. Then it sounds like AOK kitchen may be just the thing. AND there's a gluten-free bakery too. In a nutshell: Dumplings in Chinatown Where is it? A new place to try xiaolongbao in London as well as roast duck noodles and a selection of grilled Chinese small plates. And you'll be able to watch them make those dumpligs through their main window.

Expect a punchy cocktail list and all manner of fun, casual dishes at this new two floored bar and restaurant in the City. In a nutshell: Private members club in Carnaby with top food and drink planned Where is it? With a world class mixologist Mr Lyan and Michelin-starred chef Tom Sellers on the team, this new members club in Carnaby should be of interest to London's foodies.

In a nutshell: Retro dining above Oxford Street Where is it? If you've got a soft spot for the good old days, then head to VIVI where you can enjoy your chicken a la king in London landmark Centre Point with Vivi. Just head to the bridge link, and look for the PlayPlax inspired lights It comes in three parts - a fine dining restaurant led by the ex-head chef of Vineet Bhatia London, an underground cocktail bar and an all-day casual dining restaurant.

Expect to see a modern take on Japanese and Italian food in this new Dalston restaurant which also sports a tiny Tokyo-style cocktail bar. And no phones are allowed in the bar In a nutshell: Rohit Ghai goes casual in Wembley Where is it? Rohit Ghai has had success with his upmarket Indian restaurant Kutir in Chelsea, and this restaurant makes something of a departure from him.

This time he's opening a casual restaurant in Boxpark Wembley - it's the only sit-down restaurant there - with kulchas and lots more on the menu. The latest addition to the BBC studios redevelopment in White City, W12 studios is bringing a series of rotating kitchens and a big new bar to the area. In a nutshell: Catford pub gets a 21st century makeover Where is it? The historic Black Horse and Harrow pub is being renamed Ninth Life as it reopens under The Laine Pub Company with a street food market and upstairs escape room experience.

There's a brand new restaurant opening at the Mandrake Hotel in Fitzrovia. Yopo will match European cooking with South American influences. In a nutshell: Med and British dining in an independent hotel Where is it? In a nutshell: Top Istanbul restaurant team open their first London place Where is it? In a nutshell: Fresh pasta in Aldgate Where is it? The original Emilia's Crafted Pasta in St Katharine's Docks was among the first of the new breed of simple, fresh, well-made and affordable pasta restaurants in London. Now they're expanding with a new restaurant in Aldgate.

Expect a similar menu to the original and some extra specials too. In a nutshell: Trendy seasonal dining, very photo friendly Tart London made a name for themselves catering to huge brands. A Brazilian-Japanese fusion restaurant chain founded in Italy is expanding, opening its second London restaurant at the new One Tower Bridge development. In a nutshell: Sichuan in Chinatown Where is it? In a nutshell: More Taiwanese fried chicken for London Where is it? Popular Taiwanese fried chicken chain Monga have chosen London's Chinatown for their first European branch.

In a nutshell: Swedish bakery spot hits Soho via Edinburgh Where is it? In a nutshell: Yes, burgers and beer in King's Cross. The third Burger and Beer store has come to King's Cross, so if you like both of those things - this is for you. And vegan burgers are on the menu too. In a nutshell: Henry Harris in Chiswick Where is it? This is the fourth pub to be launched by famed chef Henry Harris, following successes elsewhere in town. This time the food will have a Mediterranean vibe. In a nutshell: An all-vegan curry house in Walthamstow. British curry house favourites are re-imagined in plant-based form by street food favourite SpiceBox.

In a nutshell: Vegan in Barbican Where is it? Expect new dishes on the London menu as well as special dinner events. In a nutshell: Steak for a tenner in London Bridge Where is it? Popular steak chain Flat Iron are opening their sixth steakhouse. The Tooley Street restaurant will have a indoor garden theme. In a nutshell: Ethical butcher and grill for Camden Market Where is it?

If you're in Camden hankering after a burger or steak sarnie then this ethical, sustainable spot in Stables Market could be just the thing for you. Expect a modern European menu with a big focus on matching wines with it. In a nutshell: Persian food blogger opens her first restaurant in Chiswick Where is it? Popular Persian food blogger and author Maryam Sinaiee has opened the doors of her first restaurant venture - a cafe on Chiswick High Road.

In a nutshell: Bar and gin distillery in King's Cross Where is it? Chapel Down - best known as an English vineyard - have come to London with a new focus on their own gin. This bar and restaurant takes up prime position overlooking the canal in King's Cross and there's some great alfresco space planned too. In a nutshell: South Bank gets a new all day eating and drinking spot Where is it? Spiritland's new Festival Hall digs gives as much importance to what's playing and how it sounds as what's being served up. Oh and it's open very late too. In a nutshell: Experimental Indian restaurant comes to London Where is it?

Fancy a deconstructed shepherd's pie or a masala scotch egg? Then the London outpost of Farzi Cafe is for you. They're already big in India and now the restaurant with its experimental Indian cooking is coming to London. In a nutshell: All day cafe for Tower Bridge Where is it? In a nutshell: Vampiric pizza in Camden Where is it? Lost Boys pizza based on a certain s film has built up a following in Archway and now they're opening their second place in Camden. Expect black charcoal pizzas and also a basement absinth bar - with absinthe fountains.

In a nutshell: Healthy food on Seven Dials Where is it? This is the third Redemption Bar to hit London, which focuses on healthy eating, including lots of vegan and gluten-free options. And there's an alcohol-free cocktail bar on top of that. In a nutshell: Ramen joint returns to Soho Where is it? Yamagoya ramen originally started as a pop-up upstairs at Shuang Shuang. London's Rathbone Square is the first European opening for this cool coffee chain which originated as a one man spot in Tokyo. In a nutshell: A second site for the popular vegan restaurant Where is it? Plant-based menus and vegan pizzas feature at this new Islington outpost.

James Erasmus - who comes via the Harwood Arms and the Ledbury - is offering a monthly-changing set menu drawing on his South African heritage and seasonal British produce. In a nutshell: Trendy Soho small plates in an airport. Heathrow Airport, Terminal 3 Why should you care? From humble beginnings in to a Soho institution, Spuntino charmed Londoners with their American-inspired small plates and counter dining. In a nutshell: Blackfriars' restaurant scene gets a boost from this all day opening Where is it?

Bringing in chef Lee Streeton from 45 Jermyn Street shows this new Blackfriars all day spot means business. Tucked into the Bankside Hotel it features modern art everywhere and a menu that shows similar creativity. Olympic Way, Wembley Why should you care? They're already well established in Shoreditch and Croydon and now they've headed north-west as the latest Boxpark is at Wembley Park. In a nutshell: Taiwanese steamed bun powerhouse comes to London Where is it? Covent Garden and Centre Point Why should you care?

The hugely popular Taiwanese dumpling restaurant has finally arrived in London with steamed soup dumplings and lots more Imperial Treasure restaurants have been winning Michelin stars and more awards across Asia and now they've opened in London. Expect a Chinese fine dining experience in a luxe restaurant. In a nutshell: Previously Michelin-starred restaurant reopens after a huge revamp Where is it? They closed for eight months for a big revamp, so you can be sure the brand new Tamarind is something to watch.

With chefs brought in from Amaya and Chutney Mary as well as a completely new design, they'll be looking to get that star back. In a nutshell: Taiwanese street-market inspired food in Marylebone Where is it? This addition to Marylebone is inspired by the street-markets of Taiwan, and there's quite a lot more to it than bao buns but they appear too.

Expect waffle-like wheelcakes made to order and alcoholic ice lollies in the downstairs bar. In a nutshell: Two Thai restaurants with different personalities in the same Soho spot Where is it? London's love affair with Thai food continues as a young Thai pair open a pair of new restaurants serving up different takes on Thai food in the same building on Brewer Street. Soft launch to 14 December. In a nutshell: Ramen joy for W5 Where is it?

The ramen group's 10th opening sees them taking over two floors of the Dickens Yard development in Ealing. In a nutshell: Asma Khan sets up a Bengali-inspired cafe Where is it? As Darjeeling Express goes from strength to strength, Asma Khan has a new venture ready. In a nutshell: Wine bar and tapas for Clerkenwell Where is it? The former wine buyer at Club and Cellar Gascon has come back to the area to open a wine and tapas bar on St John Street.

In a nutshell: Bleeding vegan burgers in Brixton Where is it? The bleeding plant burger - aka the Beyond Burger - is getting a place all to itself in Brixton. The Beyond Burger is meant to be as close to looking at tasting like a real beef burger as possible - even with beetroot juice to represent, let's say a "rare" beef burger's look.

In a nutshell: Burgers in Shoreditch Where is it? You'll have seen Burger and Beyond at street food markets all over town, and now they're settling down in Shoreditch. Expect all your favourite burgers and a lot more new additions too. Soft launch to 2 December. In a nutshell: Mediterranean fare in Mayfair Where is it? Tilly Turbett ex-Gordon Ramsay group will lead the kitchen at Pucci, cooking small plates and pizza at this new spot on Maddox Street. In a nutshell: All day cafe and bar for Camden folk Where is it? Given a grime-style makeover, this former Strada now aims to serve everything from morning coffee to late night espresso martinis.