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Dijkgraaf, S. Enger, P.

Alger, "Ales" And Joe

Escher, K. Stockholm , 6 — Fessard, A. IL Peripheral mechanisms of electroreceptors in teleosts. Fessard Ed. Fields, R. Fritzsch, B. Fritzsch, B.. The pattern of lateral line afferents in Urodeles. Horseradish peroxidase study, Cell Tissue Res. Claas, B. The electroreceptive ampullary organs of urodeles. A comparative light microscopic and electron microscopic study. Nature Lond. Interrelationships of osteoglossomorphs. Hagiwara, S. Heiligenberg, W.

Books by Michael Jan Friedman:

A neuroethological approach. Braitenberg Ed. New York. The jamming avoidance response in the weakly electric fish Eigenmannia. A behavior controlled by distributed evaluation of electroreceptive afferences. Labelling of electroreceptive afferents in a gvmnotoid fish by intracellular injection of HRP the mystery of multiple maps.

Kopp, J. Johnston, J.

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The brain of Acipenser, Zool. The brain of Petromyzon, J. Flock, A. The Lorenzinian ampullae of Polvodon spathula, Z. Electro-perception in sharks and rats. Nature Loud. The electric sense of sharks and rays, J.

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The detection of electric fields from inanimate and animate sources other than electric organs. Kalmijn, A.

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Sensitivity of response, Biol. Spatial discrimination, Biol. Knudsen, E.

Larsell, O. Press, Minneapolis, Lissmann, H. Mago-Leccia, F. Machin, K. Maler, L. Americans would be at one another's throat for a half-century, sorting out which of the lies was the evil one and which was the harmless. Consider Whittaker Chambers, the aggressive apostate from Lie No. Or was the real deceiver Alger Hiss, who went to his death in still proclaiming No. All that was long ago and far away, in a country different from our own.

But there is a convergence of new books on the period, with fresh deceptions and clarifying truths. Tony Hiss's The View from Alger's Window: A Son's Memoir is a tender hagiography that makes a claim for his father's innocence--a case so heartbreakingly sweet that one struggles though unsuccessfully to join in the son's self-deception.

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And in Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America, John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr analyze the deciphered '40s cable traffic, recently released, between Soviet agents working in America and their masters in Moscow--files that show there was far more spying, and far more complicity by American party members, than was previously thought.

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