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If you wipe, blame Zenimax, your healer or your tank. If you're the tank or healer, blame your DDs. Or Zenimax. Always stand inside them. There must be an achievement for stepping into red circles somewhere in this game. You want to sell your soulgems, remember? So you can't waste one on a rezz. You're the one who needs to be carried, not him! Where would be the surprise if you already had an idea what's awaiting you? They might start to explain.

You're the pro, they can only learn from you. You can't be bothered by boss-attacks while you show off your fantastic 2. Everybody needs to learn how hard a tank's life really is! Those squishy guys need to learn toughness! This rule overrides even the "red cicle"-rule!

The Secret Dungeon 3D Tour - Matterport 3D Showcase

Taunting the boss every 25 seconds and holding up your shield for the rest of the time is already totally filling your schedule, you can't be asked for more. If he does, make sure you're always farther away from any enemy than him. If you can't hit the enemy anymore because of it, that's clearly his fault because he's forcing you away.

Show your group how perfectly you can cast 3 crystal fragments in a row! Now shine with the steeltornado you couldn't waste on mobs. Everybody will be impressed by your thiefish skills.

[News] The Secret Dungeon For 3 Stars [Amazon] (Wind) Now Open!

It reduces your waiting time, and once in the dungeon, you'll kill everybody so quickly that nobody will notice you're in fact a DD and not healing at all. The DD-queue is just too long for you. If some group-member complains, mention that "4 DD random dungeon run" from yesterday and ask them to equip a resto-staff themselves.

Or to cast vigor. Spam it constantly. Like every half second.

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Use nothing else. You're doing a great job keeping everybody alive, you can't be bothered with dpssing or debuffing on top! They have to learn ressource-management and will be grateful for your support. Quality kek post right here. I approve of this message. March I had one tank that insisted that fiery grip was a taunt because someone told them so.

Couldn't convince them otherwise for the life of me. They said that even though it doesn't say in the description it does anyway This needs to appear in the login screen, such in-depth guide could be applied everywhere. Ooooh my god I wish LOLs were back. Inb4 elitist accusations. Balance always comes second. Considering how many are following these rules, I'm so sure it's a secret etiquette.

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  • Keep your gear unrepaired, store your food in the bank , sell your soulgems. Just because you don't like the way something is doesn't necessarily make it wrong Earn it. IRL'ing for a while for assorted reasons, in forum, and in game. I am neither warm, nor fuzzy Just claim "this boss is not tauntable! You're the tank, you must know!

    You may use that claim too, if you have no taunt at all and just queued as tank because you didn't want to wait in the long DD-line I love all the other added rules, too! Thanks for the input, will make all future dungeon groups totally invincible! Edited by Eweroun on March 7, PM. Eweroun Love your additions, promoted you to dungeon pro!

    All the more reason to sell what you get from your group mates, though!

    Moved into a new apartment [Warning: Secret Dungeon]

    I'll save it and will post in every QQ pve thread. When you've invested time and money into a company, you have the right to be upset over changes that will negatively affect your experience and gameplay. How could I forget! Spam it until your out of magica with the proper setup that should be easy , then use heavy attacks to refill your mana-pool.

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    Group will manage without healing for a minute or two. This will make the tank's boring work a lot more interesting! Why be normal when you can be better? One of the best posts I have ever read on the forums. Sad to me that it's all true. Sorcerna, proud beta sorc. Out of retirement for negates and encases.

    Sorcerna will be going back into retirement to be my main crafter Fall Beacuse a 6 k shield is f ing useless. Died because of baddies on the forum.

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    Too much qq too little pew pew. Our trials group finally beat VMOL thanks to this guide I definitely recommend this thread to new players. This is good. Universal dps rule: Brighten up the bland boredom by using both stamina and magicka skills. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page.

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    • Dead Dungeon Store Page. Global Achievements. Global Leaderboards. I've done a lot playing this game for 3 hours, including getting top speedrun times on most individual levels, but ironically I'm unable to find the opening to the first secret dungeon. This is one of the last things I require since I assume the last collectible is in the secret dungeon.


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