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Dead Famous - Paranormal Series S03E03 - Billy The Kid

The memorial is not easy to find, set back from the cemetery path behind another row of gravestones. The grave itself has fallen into a state of disrepair. A creeping green stain has overtaken the crumbling stonework, some of the iron posts and chains are missing and the lettering is now indistinct.

When I arrive I see letters, drawings, movie tickets, movie programmes, business cards, tube tickets with little notes on them. They are launching a Kickstarter campaign this month to restore it to its former splendour and protect it from further decay. The French director was a master of illusion: he segued from stage conjuror to fantasy film-maker when, in , he began to experiment with a movie camera designed by English inventor RW Paul. He made literary adaptations with similarly extravagant flourishes, such as The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe These fantastical films were characterised by his ingenious use of in-camera editing and vivid, hand-applied colour.

In , financial trouble forced him to stop making films and return to the stage.

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The following year he left his old career behind to run a toyshop kiosk in the Gare Montparnasse, where he worked until In , a gala retrospective of his work was staged in Paris, following the discovery of some prints that had escaped the flames. A bust of the filmmaker by Italian artist Renato Carvillani was installed in , adding his distinctive bearded face, which appeared in so many of his movies, to his grave.

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But it has been untouched since. The culprits attempted to hold the Chaplin family to ransom for its return, but the police tracked them down and eventually recovered the body.