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I have read the poem within thousands of times.

Forrest Fenn, ABC Nightline, "Deadly Treasure" - 01.12.18

Fenn said it took him a decade to write the poem and I believe him. Do yourself a favour. Don't read this book or try to solve the poem, you will be trapped! Aug 14, Lauren rated it really liked it. What a character this guy is.

An interesting life and an intriguing legacy to leave behind. People are still hunting for his treasure! Jan 17, David Baker rated it it was amazing. Great book. Dec 22, Kevin rated it really liked it. Jun 13, Fred Donaldson rated it liked it. Fenn is an interesting character. He has hidden a treasure said to be worth more than a million dollars somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe, NM.

Hoping I find it.

The Forrest Fenn Treasure Ultimate Clue Guide – Forrest Fenn Treasure Guide

Jul 19, S. Smith rated it did not like it. I hope you got this for the map. May 27, Holly rated it it was ok. Forrest Fenn, if his memoir is any indication, is the kind of person that you cannot not enjoy if you meet him. He has an easy-spoken candor that has clearly served him well from his adventurous boyhood to his time served in the military to his life as a father and businessman. I would absolutely love to sit down with him at his gallery or around a campfire and just listen to him talk about his life. The stories in this book are largely great stories, but they are told poorly and without the aid Forrest Fenn, if his memoir is any indication, is the kind of person that you cannot not enjoy if you meet him.

The stories in this book are largely great stories, but they are told poorly and without the aid of a good editor. Had Fenn had a really rigorous editor go over his book before he published it, I think that it would be a really wonderful read, but instead the talky nature of the book gets in the way of the stories that he tells. His tendency to occasionally address the reader with rhetoricals like "Does that make sense? His habit of overusing cliched metaphors is clunky.

His detailed description of a sometimes unflattering inner-monologue is baffling. It is sometimes hard to tell if he is being tongue-in-cheek or if he genuinely is still a little bitter about a comment that he overheard a couple old women make when he walked by their yard as a boy probably seventy years ago.

The consistency of such comments, especially at the beginning of the book, made it difficult to imagine that such comments were supposed to be a playful throwback to life as a child. The end of the book, where Fenn's stories are less plot-driven and more reliant on how events formed his perception of the world, is much more readable.

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Although Fenn's prose is often self-consciously poetic, his experiences and the philosophies he derived from them are interesting. Which, again, is why I would love to just hear him talk about these things in real life. Because I think I would forgive him the forced poetics in person more than I do when I read them in a book. Also, Mr. Fenn, if you're reading this, I would like to know how how you had so many different famous writers to quote at the end of your book if you hadn't read anything worthwhile until you went into that Borders a couple years ago and picked up a Hemingway and a Fitzgerald.

May 30, Cash rated it liked it. Forrest Fenn is a natural storyteller. This sparse memoir is a loose collection of snapshots from throughout the author's life told in a relaxed conversational style.

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At times, the prose style is so relaxed and conversational that the inattentive reader will experience apparent skips in the narrative. Backtracking a sentence or two will often clear up any misunderstanding.

Don't Let One Missed Clue Cost You from Discovering Forrest's Treasure

Still, this book is an entertaining read that offers a glimpse into the life and philosophy of a self made veteran, adventur Forrest Fenn is a natural storyteller. Still, this book is an entertaining read that offers a glimpse into the life and philosophy of a self made veteran, adventurer, art-dealer, and treasure hunter among many other things. Most people who have heard of this book are probably drawn to it because of the hidden treasure the book claims to hold clues to. Regardless of the small percentage of page space dedicated to the treasure and the poem said to lead seekers to it, I still found this a fascinating read.

But you don't have to take my word for it!

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Mar 13, Tbob3att. Net rated it really liked it. May 14, Janet rated it really liked it. Interesting story. Second 'treasure' story I have read this week. But this one is real. Sure would be fun to find it. Heather rated it really liked it Feb 04, Richard rated it it was amazing Dec 10, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers also enjoyed. About Forrest Fenn. Forrest Fenn. Books by Forrest Fenn. Trivia About The Thrill of the No trivia or quizzes yet.

Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The millionaire was criticized in the s for excavating the San Lazaro Pueblo Indian site he bought, for example, and the FBI searched his home in in connection with the sale of artifacts looted from the Four Corners area, though no charges were filed. Fenn originally filled the chest after he was diagnosed with cancer in He planned to drag it into the mountains to die beside it. After he survived, he left it in a walk-in vault at his house for years, where a couple of witnesses confirmed to NPR that they saw it filled to the brim with valuables.

He decided to hide it and launch the hunt years later, during the Great Recession. Some of the Fenn treasure hunters are obsessive. Every night I'm looking.

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Fenn says he gets emails a day, reports the New York Times. On a few occasions, he has had to call the police after unwelcome visitors showed up at his house or threatened him. I'm going to kill you. And for some, the quest has proven fatal. At least four people are believed to have died in accidents while searching. This led some to call for Fenn to end the hunt. I feel like I have a much better idea of where to look now based off the info you gave. Would recommend to anyone whose thinking of looking for the treasure but doesn't know where to start.

Downloaded the guide a couple days ago. Including gold coins, over gold nuggets, artifacts with gemstones, antiques, a 20, word autobiography of Forrest Fenn sealed in a jar, and much, much more. If you are already up to date, feel free to skip over the next part. Forrest was born in Temple, Texas, in As a child, Forrest spent a vast amount of his time outdoors, becoming a fishing expert as a teenager. Forrest went on to fight in the Vietnam War, where he flew missions and was awarded the Silver Star for his valor in combat.

After returning from the war, Forrest ventured into the business of dealing art, jewelry, artifacts, and everything in between. In the end, Forrest ended up doing very well for himself financially. Tragically, in , Forrest was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Believing his time left on earth was limited, he came up with an idea.