Watching, Waiting, Walking: A prayer pattern and a discipleship path

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Life can be hard and there are not always answers. Praying before meals was a common practice. Jesus used this ritual to remind his disciples of the blessings God has provided in the food placed before them. Praying before each meal is a reminder that that all things come from God.

Seven Principles of a Seeking-God Lifestyle

He is the source of everything we have. Before Jesus was arrested and hung on the cross, he prayed for his disciples. He knew their mission was not going to be easy and prayed for their protection. I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours. He asked God to bless them with perseverance, unity, and spiritual satisfaction as they witnessed to the world. Last, but not least, Jesus prayed for us. He prayed for each and every one of us, even though we would be born in this world for many, many years.

I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message. And he has never stopped praying for us. He is our delegate, who stands before the throne of God and intercedes on our behalf. Jesus prayed because he could do nothing without God, and neither can we. It is important to spend time in prayer every day. I bet he does. And I bet he is waiting for you right now.

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Go ahead. Reach out to him in prayer today. Skip to content. Jesus prayed alone. Jesus prayed with others. Jesus prayed before a meal. Jesus prayed for others. Jesus prayed for us. About Latest Posts. Jenny Shinsky. Connect with. Most reacted comment. Hottest comment thread. Recent comment authors. I drive though neighborhoods and am bombarded at the thought of many people spending eternity without Christ. I have a vision from God to reach those people. And I want it to be a reality now. And I question God, "Why not now? Why not bring it to pass today?

In the Old Testament book of Habakkuk, the prophet was asking similar questions. Using the watchtower motif, hear the dialogue between the prophet and God:. I will watch to see what He will say to me and what I should reply about my complaint. The LORD answered me: Write down this vision; clearly inscribe it on tablets so one may easily read it.

For the vision is yet for the appointed time; it testifies about the end and will not lie. Though it delays, wait for it, since it will certainly come and not be late" Hab.

Principles of Prayer from Luke 11

During those times, we wait patiently on the Lord. We know that deep down he is working - while it may be underneath, hidden deep in our character. In due time, God will reveal everything he's grown in us. Those who wait will never be put to shame. We will never be disappointed. Sometimes I struggle to remember that it's good to wait for the Lord. It isn't easy. It goes against the grain of our quick-fix society. But, there's a hidden benefit in waiting. In times of waiting my soul is revived and spirit is renewed.

Isaiah wrote, "but those who trust in the LORD will renew their strength; they will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not faint" Is. You and I, and the church, will catch a gust of the Spirit. It was this gust of the Spirit that the disciples in Jerusalem were instructed to wait on. It is that same gust of the Spirit that we need to wait on. And when it comes, hold on.

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We will be soaring. God is the great mover. We are to push, to work. And if we wait, in patient trust, remembering that God is in control doing his work increasing our strength, we will experience the move of God on our lives and in our church. We are not patient: A woman's car stalled in traffic. She looked in vain under the hood to identify the cause, while the driver behind her leaned relentlessly on his horn. Finally she had enough. She walked back to his car and offered sweetly, "I don't know what the matter is with my car. But if you want to go look under the hood, I'll be glad to stay here and honk for you.

God's idea of waiting: The apostle Peter wrote, "that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years. Unseen growth: The Chinese bamboo tree is one of the most remarkable plants on earth. Once the gardener plants the seed, he will see nothing but a single shoot coming out of the bulb - for five full years! That tiny shoot, however, must have daily food and water. During all the time the gardener is caring for the plant, the exterior shoot will grow less than an inch.

At the end of five years, however, the Chinese bamboo will perform an incredible feat. It will grow an amazing ninety feet tall in only ninety days! Now ask yourself this: When did the tree actually grow? During the first five years, or during those last ninety days? The answer lies in the unseen part of the tree, the underground root system.

During the first five years, the fibrous root structure spreads deep and wide in the earth, preparing to support the incredible heights the tree will eventually reach. An oak or a mushroom? It's been said that when God wants to grow mushrooms, he can do it overnight, but when he wants to grow a mighty oak, it takes a few years. What do we want to be, a mushroom or an oak? If we want to be an oak, it is well worth the wait. Three methods of flight: Ornithologists say birds have three methods of flight. Flapping is keeping their wings in constant motion, like a hummingbird, to counteract gravity.

Flapping keeps them in the air, but it is a lot of work. Second is gliding. Here the bird builds up enough speed, then coasts downward a while. It is much more graceful than flapping, but unfortunately it does not get the bird very far.

This sermon helps the hearer understand what to do while they wait on Jesus' return.

Reality in the form of gravity sets in quickly. Gliding is nice, but it does not last. The third way is soaring. Only a few birds, such eagles, are capable of soaring. Eagles's wings are so strong that they are capable of catching rising currents of warm air - thermal winds that go straight up from the earth - and without moving a feather can soar up to great heights. Eagles have been clocked at up to 80 m. They just soar on invisible columns of air. God's wise in God's ways: In a dream, God told a man to go outside and push against a huge boulder in his front yard.

So every morning for the next few weeks, the man went outside and strained against the rock. He pushed and groaned and prodded and shoved, but the rock never budged. Finally, in a fit of exasperation the man fell to his knees and lifted his eyes to heaven. A voice from heaven rumbled among the clouds, then whispered in the man's ear. I'm the only one who can move it, and when you're ready, I will. By the way, look at your hands. The man looked at his hands. They had grown callused and tough with the work, and his arms bulged with muscles. Though his efforts seemed fruitless, he had grown strong; and now he was beginning to grow wise.

Download a free manuscript of this sermon. Select an option and chat directly with a member of our support team. Foundations: New Testament for Teens is a day Bible reading plan that helps you read the entire New Testament in a year. Just a chapter a day, five days a week. HEAR stands for highlight, explain, apply, and respond. Moore teaches us why family is so important, and so difficult at times. Why do our families have so much power over us? Family can be the source of some of the most transcendent human joy, and family can leave us crumpled up on the side of the road.

Family can make us who we are, and family can break our hearts. Why would this social arrangement have that much power, for good or for ill, over us? Moore and his wife have five sons. Moore","name":"Moore, Russell D. You save money by ordering as an all-in-one box. And you save time by only having to order and deliver one item per leader, instead of The Box includes a Quick Start Guide that explains how all the items work together: 10 Personal Study Guides CSB - Helps engage participants in Bible study and challenges them to live out their faith right where they are.

It is a gripping reminder of the power of true forgiveness. Men Women Young Adults. You Lead. Johnny Hunt Simulcast Cruise. Collegiate Week. SonPower WorshipLife. Camps Events. Search by keyword, title, author, isbn, etc. Sermon: While You Wait - Acts 1. Outline I. Waiting on the Lord requires patient trust Waiting means that we give God the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he is doing Waiting is God's way of seeing if we will trust him before we move forward II.

Waiting on God increases my strength Introduction No one likes to wait. Waiting on the Lord requires patient trust We live by the adage: Don't just stand there, do something. Waiting means that we give God the benefit of the doubt that he knows what he is doing B.