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Preparation for preaching must be calendared, scheduled, and committed to on your daily agenda. Then it must be honored with as much importance as any other plan. Planning allows you to create rather than to react. If you are waiting until the end of the week to prepare your sermon, you are not giving it the needed attention, research, and time before God that it needs.

Invest in foundational pursuits.

It’s Personal

These are the actions that replenish and refresh the soul. Preaching is a demanding and draining task. Someone equated preaching a sermon to the equivalent of laboring an eight-hour day. The foundational investments are, first, rest and exercise for physical stamina. Second, engage in your personal spiritual growth.

You should meet with Jesus, not just to prepare a sermon, but for your own spiritual progress. Third, read for lifelong learning. Great preachers never stop learning. Read beyond sermon preparation material.

Getting Personal: Self-Disclosure and Preaching

Fourth, reflect on the journey. Pray for power. Preachers need prayer. If you are not praying, you may preach for God, but your sermons will not be from God. Prayer reminds you who you are serving, who will bless you, and who will direct your ministry. Rick is a consultant, conference leader, communicator, and coach.

By Dean Shriver on Jun 30, Tithing is a volatile topic—even away from the pulpit. Dean Shriver suggests a novel approach to the "fuzzy edges" of tithing. Scripture: 2 Corinthians Tags: Giving , Tithe , Preaching , Tithes. By Joe Mckeever on May 24, Proper preparation is not for the faint of heart. It takes prayer, study, and practice. Scripture: Exodus By James O. Davis on Jan 5, James O. Davis reminds preachers that the length of a presentation is not determined by the clock but by the crowd.

Scripture: Ephesians Tags: Church , Preaching , Time. By Dr. Larry Moyer on Feb 9, By Chuck Fromm on Mar 15, Scripture: Mark By Haddon Robinson on Dec 20, Give your sermons new life every week with this timeless advice from Haddon Robinson. Scripture: John , Luke , 1 Peter , Psalms By Rick Blackwood on Jan 9, Rick Blackwood helps preachers communicate God's Word in a form that is engaging, crystal clear, unforgettable, and more fun for the speaker.

Scripture: Matthew It gives a certain level of protection from the congregation and ensures that one's own story doesn't interfere with pastoral counseling. A prudent choice. However, I wonder as time goes on, if this kind of pastoral relationship will be a casualty of our shifting cultural relationship with religion. Faith that doesn't land in the midst of one's own life is going to be unacceptable.

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In the midst of wire transfers and electronic communication, the opportunity to gather together and hear stories may be one of the gifts faith communities can bring. In a world where Google can answer most questions, people don't need the pastor to hold all the answers, but they do need to find a way to live with the answers they find. This movement toward story is a move forward and also a move back—back to the stories that were told in oral tradition, back to the gift of true community where you are known and seen and heard.

If we really believe the Word of God is living, active, and sharper than any two-edged sword, then we will talk about our stories because that Word is still active today, still speaking into hearts and into the life of this world. And for the most part, it doesn't show up in clean theological constructs—it shows up in stories. Toggle navigation. More Topics. Trending Now. Angry Staff Officer. Jerry Falwell Jr.

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