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An apocalyptic love story, The Upstairs Room is a compelling play that received its world premiere, in a production by Giddy Notion, at the Burton Taylor Theatre, Oxford, , before its revival at the Kings Head Theatre, London, in Series: Modern Plays.

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Scenes: 5. Roles: Male 2 , Female 2 , Neutral 0. From The Upstairs Room Imprint.

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I first read this novel on holiday, in possibly the least frightening setting of all time — a time-share apartment in Mallorca. It was the exact opposite of Hundreds Hall, the ancestral home slowly killing its inhabitants, and yet I still remember lying awake at night thinking about the moving shaving glass.

Elizabeth McGovern is delightful in the upstairs-downstairs drama Downton Abbey.

Here, the possibility that the psyches of the inhabitants are actually causing the strange events, rather than inventing them, is entertained, along with more rational and more ghostly explanations — and Waters keeps them all in play perfectly until the very end. The crime scene in Broken Harbour — a suburban house on an unfinished estate outside Dublin — has an atmosphere as oppressive as any haunted house, the peculiar noises in the attic are just as chilling and what French leaves unexplained is as disturbing as the grisliest post-mortem.

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It now strikes me as very Jamesian to invoke such terror with the subtlest infringement is this the most benign, civilised thing a ghost could do? These supernatural reads were chosen by Kate Murray-Browne. Kate's debut novel The Upstairs Room , is available in hardback and ebook now.

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