Systems for Challenged Network Environments

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We then extend several graph concepts in this new model. In reality, due to the nature of dynamic and challenged networks, it is too expensive to collect global information in both time and space to achieve one of the above global objectives.

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The merit of a trimmed graph is the reduction of searching complexity for routing and broadcasting. The goals of the proposed research are the following. The proposal presents a promising and unique way of applying this graph model to address a new set of path optimization problems and other graph concepts.

The applications of challenged networks range from time-critical communications such as for disaster relief to delay-tolerant transmission in poorly connected regions or where censorship should be counteracted. Challenged networking has also chartered new directions for inter-disciplinary research, e. The workshop seeks original work presented in the form of research papers describing new research approaches and results, as well as demo submissions. Highly disruptive work-in-progress and position papers are also welcome, provided they focus on particularly innovative, out-of-the-box, solutions or applications for challenged networks.

All papers shall be forward-looking, describe their relationship to existing work, and shall argue their impact and implications for ongoing or future research.

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Demo proposals to be published as part of the proceedings must not be longer than 2 pages plus 1 page description of the precise setup and requirements the 1-page setup description will not be published in the proceedings. Reviews will be single-blinded. Papers should neither have been published elsewhere nor being currently under review by another conference or journal.

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Some features of this site may not work without it. Systems for Challenged Network Environments. Abstract: Developing regions face significant challenges in network access, making even simple network tasks unpleasant and rich media prohibitively difficult to access.

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Even as cellular network coverage is approaching a near-universal reach, good network connectivity remains scarce and expensive in many emerging markets. The underlying theme in this dissertation is designing network systems that better accommodate users in emerging markets.

To do so, this dissertation begins with a nuanced analysis of content access behavior for web users in developing regions. This analysis finds the personalization of content accessand the fragmentation that results from itto be significant factors in undermining many existing web acceleration mechanisms.