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Double-check the email address you enter to be sure it is valid and belongs to you! You can add as many Simple Payments buttons as you like to your page by repeating the process above. Read about collecting payments here. Pages: 1 2 3 4 View All. An Automattic Opus.

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Not quite what you're looking for? The alerts when you spend, photo deposits, and the app were all great They immediately cut off my card without even contacting me back. They then refused to send my card to the new address and the rep said there should be someone at my old address that could give me the card. When I explained I live alone with two children and there wasnt I received a series of emails on how Simple shouldn't be my only bank and the hotel should be able to give me something saying Im staying there even if they are paying for it.

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A week later and after sending in multiple photos, documents, messaged and calls I still cant get a new card because the photo of me in front of my new address isn't clear enough I have an iphone 7. I even sent in an email to show where I was having service connected at the new apt Im moving to in my name. Still not enough. You'll have to wait for emails to be responded and the approval is at the whim of whoever happens to get the email. Oh man I had high hopes but not high expectations.

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I read the reviews many negative ones but really liked what they were offering, and still do. I went through the process of providing the required documents, twice infact, but to no avail. They even admitted it was an issue on their end, which is fine because I expected some issues. The problem is that they aren't really a bank. More like a third party administrator. So the customer service is slow, and a wide variety of knowledge between the employees.

Haveing to reexplain your situation is tiresome, it became abundantly clear that the power they had was extremely limited.

One of the people that was "trying" to help said she isn't even using simple for her personal use. Anyway, I really tried to make it work for 3 months I just kept getting "our team is working on it". Any the only communication was what I would initiate went checking in. I hope they get it together, their features sound nice, but it'll never work if they don't have more control on the banking end.

Bank, budget, and earn 30x 1 the national average. Simple Goals Use Goals to stash away money: Save for the unexpected or automate saving for things you want. From a trip to Italy to a new bike. You can even split Expenses with a partner when using a Shared Account. We take your account balance, subtract your Expenses and Goals, and tell you exactly how much money you have leftover to spend on whatever you want.

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Buy the shoes! And when it comes to shared bills, two paychecks are better than one!

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Open a Simple Shared account and tackle them together. Accounts subject to approval. This update contains tweaks, fixes, and good cheer and Dark Mode support! Hello smooth er sailing! I love this bank and app.

Always know what's Safe-to-SpendĀ®.

I just assumed Ready is for the current bill coming up, and that Coming Up is for the bill after the current bill. I still have no idea. It is also very difficult to transfer money back into safe-to-spend, once transferring into an expense. Is it a bug?

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I think so. I have to delete the expenses over and over if I want to get the money back into safe-to-spend. Last, the support tab no longer shows a red dot icon to let me know you are reaching out to me or when a representative has answered a question. Please add notification dots for support in the apps bottom menu and app icon on the home screen. Ive had simple for almost 2 yrs now and loved it.