Healing Lupus: Steps in a Personal Journey

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The charade was exhausting! So for years she continued through the good and bad days, and the little girl banker never thought much about life outside of the boardroom walls. But over time, she was having more difficulty managing the increasing pain, which seemed to be commensurate with her increasing responsibilities. She had resorted to walking with a cane, which she humorously tried to explain away to her colleagues, while her nosebleeds were gushing out of control.

Exhausted, she would sometimes sneak off to the office quiet room to lie down and rest, before facing the fog of another meeting. Then early one morning everything changed. She was at home quietly drinking a cup of tea, when a poem suddenly took shape in her head. She slowly began to write it out, line by line.

As she digested the words coming straight from the warm in her heart, she realized what these few simple lines of poetry were telling her. It was time. It was time to listen to her body from the inside out. It was time to leave the raw-bone stresses of her job. It was time to let go of the ego-laced bonuses and six figure salaries. It was time to pull out that dusty wooden box and follow her passion for writing. It was time to take care of herself, before it was too late. Without hesitation and feeling naked as a pinstriped suit without a business card, the little girl banker grabbed hold of her dreams.

Then, warmed by the wisdom in her heart, she took a deep breath and leaped into the future, where she lived happily ever after. At first I travelled a lot and marveled at the incredible parallel universe that hummed along each day, outside of the corporate towers. Who knew?

Healing Lupus: Steps in a Personal Journey

Then I took the time to learn new things and joined writing classes and storytelling workshops. With her condition uncontrolled for so long, Kelle by now had extensive motor neuromuscular , liver, and kidney damage. And brain scans, and MRI scans, and lots and lots of different tests.

While almost 20 years have passed since then, Kelle says not much has changed in terms of what the medical community knows about lupus. At the hospital, the reaction of the doctors was not reassuring. Rather than treating her right away, she looked up to see her doctors … reading books. Their dilemma? Lupus causes your immune system to attack and damage your healthy tissue and organs, leaving you more susceptible to new viral and bacterial infections. You've got a disease that's being suppressed, so do you fight the lupus or do you fight the pneumonia?

‘What do we do with her?’

How do we get this person to live? Lupus affects over 5 million people across the globe, and is most common in women between 15 and 44 years of age. Unfortunately, awareness of the disease is still woefully low. Over 60 percent of people in the United States have never even heard of lupus.

There was also the issue of who it was affecting. Not true, right?

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  4. Living with lupus can be a challenge. That’s why having a support network is important..

It's not fussed with what host it takes. It just will take whatever it wants and whenever it wants. Today, Kelle works with various organizations, including the St. It's my life. As a mother, lupus has impacted Kelle in a multitude of ways. Because she is so easily susceptible to infection, she has to stop at the door when dropping her children off at nursery. When they are sick, she has to wear gloves and a mask just to interact with them. So I'll get someone else to take them away for the weekend, or go to my mum's, or just not be in my vicinity.

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What Are Common Symptoms of Autoimmune Disease?

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Healing Lupus: Steps in a Personal Journey

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