Dragon Child

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On July 25 th , I was blessed with my first baby, Bennett. I was always on edge wondering what I would need to do next to keep my baby happy. Since he was my only child, I was able to fully dedicate myself into being the best mom I could be. Sometimes I felt so alone, even when I had so much help. I felt like a failure.

What did I do wrong or what did I do to make him this way were constant questions that went through my head. Just a simple drive to target for the essentials was daunting. I was envious of the moms that would take the baby on a car ride to get a starbucks so the baby could nap. Some of things would work for a while, but never permanently. Fast-forward almost four years now… I have had so much time to reflect on my parenting, my motherhood journey raising two babes.


There is one thing I would like to say to myself four years ago: YOU are an amazing mother. YOU are doing everything right. YOU are doing nothing wrong. YOUR child loves you unconditionally.

Study finds some children born in the year of the dragon have an advantage

YOU are going to be okay. YOU are strong.

See a Problem?

Not tantrums. They are very different. My children are my absolute everything. Raising a high needs child is in fact a blessing. As hard as some days were and are… I would NOT change anything about my son.

Raising a High Needs Child

Bennett is so full of life. Some kids are just harder.

Iced Earth-Dragon's Child

Spirited children have some challenging qualities, yet they have some of the absolute best. They are incredibly loving and have such a sweet side that tends to melt our hearts just when they know we need it. I LOVE my darling dragon boy more than anything in the world. My adventures with him are endless. My spirited boy is deeply loved and I know he will do great things. Our bond has been inseparable since the day he was born.

Dragon's child

Yes, he is hard. While packed tightly in the bowels of the ship, Gim Lew gets to know his father while they study for the exam that awaits them. Immigration officials intensely interrogate each returning Chinese American to confirm that he is indeed the same fellow who left. As a son, Gim Lew will undergo the same test.

If he fails, then he will be returned to China, sodden in shame. Gim Lew studies hard and focuses on improving his stuttering. He refuses to be a disgrace to his family. Slowly, he begins to accept having to leave China and starts looking forward to the adventure that awaits him. Laurence Yep has written over 60 books for young people, winning many awards along the way. Much of his research came from the immigration records used to test the returning Chinese Americans.

Yep has done a brilliant job weaving fact and fiction into this poignant story. He brings to life the harsh treatment these people had to undergo just to be a part of both their Chinese and American worlds. Then, when the water was drained away, the fur turned a beautiful gold. And when the wind blew, it was like a giant hand stroking a lion.

It is a reminder of the past and a teacher for the future.