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No team has ever come back from an deficit to win in the playoffs.

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Only three series have gone to a seventh game after one team opened with a lead. Enes Kanter, despite sustaining a separated shoulder in the first-round series against the Oklahoma City Thunder, started in all the previous games. When the bubble inevitably burst in May , thousands of investors watched helplessly as their life's savings completely vanished. The crash and the subsequent financial destruction throughout the city proved more than Frank could bear. He grew irrational and violent, obsessing over the scandal and his losses for months on end. He awoke each morning to attend the various legal proceedings stemming from the trial, stalking the conspirators in search of justice.

He rarely slept at night, and when he did, he suffered from recurring nightmares of black horses racing towards him and visions of his family drowning to death in mud. His delirium grew worse and worse as months went on.

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One night, he yanked his daughter, just an infant at the time, from her crib and threw her "clear across the room and if I hadn't caught her," his wife testified at his sanity trial, "she would have been killed. And so the morning of July 14, , marked the pinnacle of Frank Keaton's obsession with the Julian Petroleum Corporation and the men who conspired to line their pockets for generations while leaving the investors without a penny. It was shame that redacted Motley Flint from the annals of Hollywood's history and Frank Keaton from the branches of my family tree, and the memories of both men continued to fade through a diminishing understanding of the past.

Even some members of my own family only learned of the details behind my great-grandfather's disappearance by reading a manuscript of this personal history written by my grandmother, Frances Keaton Kogen, revealed to us only in the final months of her life. In our modern times of Bernie Madoff and Bear Sterns, my family is constantly reminded that this generation of investors is by no means unique, that a historical precedent for the economic turmoil and corporate crimes in this country was set long ago. This July, some eight and a half decades after my great-grandfather's psychotic breakdown and subsequent murder of Motley Flint, my family remembers how little things have changed.

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    I cooled my tootsies with a paddle in the sea, which was as freezing as I remembered it, but looked nothing like the murky brown colour of old. I larked around on the Black Pearl pirate ship built entirely from driftwood by local community groups until it was clear I was shivering the timbers of approaching teachers shepherding primary schoolkids.


    I took a long, bracing walk along the three-quarters-of-a-mile of sand and bumped into Peter and Alison Greene, from Chester, and their four-year-old granddaughter Alice. What brought them to New Brighton, I asked? It feels like a proper seaside resort again. New Brighton oozes history. From the 16th to the 19th century, it had a reputation for smuggling and wrecking, with secret underground cellars and tunnels rumoured to still be in existence.

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    At the start of the last century, the resort had the tallest building in Britain, the ft, all-steel New Brighton Tower, which was neglected during the First World War and dismantled shortly after. Walking around, you can take a nostalgia trip while enjoying what the resort offers current and future visitors. There are watersports on the marine lake and regular open-air events on seafront stretches they call The Dips.

    Registered Company Number I took a walk away from the front to the Victoria Quarter.