How to Improve Your Tennis in 8 Weeks or Less: Step One The Topspin Forehand

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Swing your racket behind you, letting it rise slightly as you take it back. As you get to the back of your take-back, let your arm drop, then swing upwards and forwards to hit the ball. You will just have made a loop with your arm. You should be at the back of your take-back just before the ball bounces. Now step towards the net with your non-dominant foot; this will get your body and your weight behind the shot, giving it power. Remember your non-dominant hand? As you swing your racket towards the ball, allow it to cross your body, parallel to your racket hand - this will help keep you balanced.

At this point, your racket is rising and coming in towards the ball.


Aim for your contact point to be at waist height, a comfortable distance away from you and slightly ahead of your front leg. Hit the ball with your racket flat on. Once you have hit the ball, you must complete your swing, with your arm following the path of the ball until your elbow naturally bends. Your racket arm will still be swinging upwards, coming across the body towards your other shoulder, so let them decelerate and come to a halt.

Quickly return to the ready position. The forehand has been my favourite shot since I was a kid. I've always hit it pretty well, although it's a longer stroke than most players. It's quite flat too, without too much topspin, so it's powerful. But because it's quite a long stroke, it's important that I am in the proper position to hit it, so preparation is crucial for me. To strengthen your groundstrokes, work on your technique and footwork, but within your own style.

A simple footwork drill is to have a coach roll balls to you along the ground that you have to push back with your hand without a racket. If you can reach the balls quickly, your pace and footwork is good. These put the opponent on their back foot and open up the court, so while you may not hit a winner with the first shot, you will have a good opportunity to do so with the second or third. I aim for consistency at first, then I look to hit different trajectories. Focus on improving your consistency, so that in practice you are making as few errors as possible.

This repetition will help you in a match; it's true that there's no substitute for practice.

PRO SECRET for MASSIVE TOPSPIN FOREHAND! Easy trick and drills for increasing topspin

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How to Learn Tennis as a Beginner Tennis Player

Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Flattening out a weak loopy forehand. Thread starter ppsi Start date Mar 31, First thing, I suck at tennis. I'm a 3. My saving grace is that I move well at 60 years old. My biggest issue is this damn forehand.

I need advice as to how to drive my forehand deeper with pace and get rid of my stupid windmill style stroke. At one time I had this hard driving stroke but, for lack of a better term, it went away. I even have trouble feeding balls during practice and can only feed a practice or rally ball consistently if I let it bounce. This is embarrassing and I'm really tired of sucking at something that I feel I can be much better at.

The ‘One-Unit’ vs. the Segmented Forehand

I also have a rediculously bad time hitting off of a wall. Many years ago, as in decades, I could hit off a wall quite well. I found it to be a great workout and I could blast forehand over and over again. Now I have to wear a disguise. Not really, I just don't hit off a wall anymore. BTW I use a slightly western grip. Many thanks to anyone that can offer some good advice. Kobble Hall of Fame.

The Beginning of the Novak Djokovic Training Program and the Gluten-Free Diet

So, you can reliably put a ball into a tennis court, but it goes over the wall? I would say the advice is going to be more dependent on what time zone the advice is given from. It is eastern time on the 31st. So, technically, I can view this as a really bad troll. Hmgraphite1 Hall of Fame. Maybe it's time to switch to eastern. Kobble said:. Is it really too loopy or just weak due to low RHS.

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You can flatten it out but I would first try to swing with a little more intent and see what the result is. Fintft Legend. A western grip encourages the type of stroke you are trying to get away from. Just my opinion, but if I were you I'd start with an eastern or semi-western grip and re-learn the stroke like you were a total newb. To make it really simple, I'd have the newb focus only on segments 2 and 3 to start out with and add the 1 and 4 afterwards.

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If I were you, I'd take a bucket of balls and drop feed yourself to find and get a good feel of the stroke. You can progress from that to build the muscle memory. If you go on you tube, you can find all kinds of great videos on the forehand including the pat the dog position. Dragy Hall of Fame. I'm pretty sure my OP made it clear that I have trouble feeding a ball to start a ralley.

The wall that I've hit against is at a local high school and is shorter in height than most others I've seen so hitting the ball over it is not all that uncommon but it still shouldn't happen. Other than that I don't know how to respond.

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  • Does this site have trouble with internet trolls? It's sounding to me as if it may? Curiosity Professional. Fintft said:. Try to think of swinging the tip of the racket through the ball. Curiosity said:. From his words, it sounds as if he already has a linear forehand In your shoes I'd try with a larger take back more far behind plus moving the contact point in front of you.

    Both gives you more hitting power. To make it work you'll need to rotate from your core and maintain at least a fairly flexed wrist on contact, because it's a whole package. As for the grip, I'm not sure about W but SW should be fine. BetaServe Professional. Last edited: Apr 4, Deleted member Guest. My personal favorite player style of minimum input, maximum output esp. He hits relatively flat for a pro and can generate good power for a scrawny, avg sized guy.

    Only downside with his strokes is that you can get to only 6 in the world and people will call you a 7.

    Forehand – Tennis

    FH starting at See how he brings the racket back, with butt pointing at the incoming ball and then swinging forward linearly with just a little window wiping motion at the end. TenFanLA said:. I heard Gilles Simon plays with multifilament strings Hmgraphite1 said:.

    Thanks for the many great replies. I am convinced that I have several issues that are hindering my ability to hit more of a driving forehand and less of a loopy forehand. One main problem I have is that I can't seem to keep the ball away from me. Whenever I hit with that stroke I'm hitting the ball while it is very close to the ground like ". This windmill stroke forces me to have my arm fully extended. I get a lot of mechanical leverage using this stroke and the ball stays low with a lot of pace but, to me, it isn't a real tennis stroke.

    It is clear that a good tennis stroke has the grip either leading or in line with the path of the swing. In my case I have the head too far out front when going cross court or I'm doing a horrible push job when going up the middle or down the line. I appreciate the patience and help here. I'm obviously very frustrated and I think a lot of that comes from the fact that I have always been very athletic and coordinated not bragging because I know there are many other guys that are more so yet habituating myself to hit a proper forehand has been very problematic.