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Odds are, most of your friends and loved ones will support you in this way even if you don't ask them to, but the ritual of acknowledging the need for that support, and receiving those assurances, can be a very important and powerful part of a wedding ceremony.

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Everyone who is attending on your wedding day wants to see your marriage succeed because they love and believe in you, so having them promise to be a support along the way is super meaningful. Here are some possibilities of community vows to use in place of "Speak now or forever hold your peace":. Don't these seem like some nice alternatives to the dramatic question that only seeks to cause trouble? Try requesting community vows rather than inviting an awkward incident.

Do you support this union and affirm that these two should be married today? Will you support this couple in their relationship? At times of conflict will you offer them the strength of your wisest counsel and the comfort of your thoughtful concern? At times of joy, will you celebrate with them, nourishing their love for one another?

Why Taylor Swift's 'Speak Now' Is Her Best Album

But nearly every relationship is tested at one point or another, by conflict, temptation, strife, and change. Will you, their loved ones, family, and friends, agree to help them keep those bonds holy, reminding them of their love for one another, and helping them cross through those stressful periods? They have asked me to pass them around the room so that each of you, who is an important and loved member of their lives, can bless the rings and give your support for their marriage.

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The "Speak Now" Era - Taylor Swift Switzerland

Avoid the vinyl. The sound quality is actually worse than the cd somehow.

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Taylor Swift - Speak Now Lyrics

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